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Forum Rules

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Last Updated May 14, 2021.

Welcome to Elite Craft Owner's Club! These are our rules.

Account Registration

By signing up with our services, you are confirming that you are at least 13 years of age.

Acceptable Conduct

Elite Craft Owner's Club maintains a "PG" rating. Excessive vulgarity, obscenity, sexually-suggestive language, aggressiveness, or harassment of users or staff is not allowed.

Try to stay on-topic in relevant forums.

Sensitive subjects such as politics, social issues, etc. are forbidden except for in designated forums.

You may not impersonate employees, officers, or otherwise representatives of Elite Craft, LLC, its subsidiaries, or its brand overall.


Elite Craft Owner's Club is an English-only forum, as our moderators only speak English and that is the only way we can properly moderate the forum.


Your signature is not for lease or sale.

It is limited to 255 characters, two 'smilies,' no images, and two links.

Your signature should not be excessively-flashy.

You cannot manually add a signature to your post.

Advertising a personal business/project in your signature is acceptable so long as it is not too intrusive or obvious.
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