Forum ID #: 100  Re: fuel vapor alarm 7-31-04  Just purchased a used Riviera and the Fuel vapor sensor alarms every time the boat is started. Any suggestions on how to correct this problem? This occurs with the engine compartment both open and with it closed. There is no smell of gas, yet the alarm goes off each time the engine is started. Any help would be appreciated, WDonahue.

Forum ID #: 101  Re: fuel vapor alarm 8-8-04  Usually the problem is the contact on the shifter or the contact box for the alarm by the shifter has a corroded ground. In fact corroded grounds cause most electrical problems on boats. Check your wiring diagram in your owners manual and it should give you different places that they used for grounds.
Hope this helps.
Dave Smith

Forum ID #: 102  Re: 1990 Elite Craft 8-22-04  My wife and I are thrilled with the one that we just purchased. Without a doubt, it is one of the classiest boats on the lake. It is perfect for evening sunset cruises. We have also had some fun skiing behind it as well. The boat is in mint condition. The prior owner, who purchased it new, cannot find the owner’s manual. One of the things I am looking for is the wiring diagram – there are a couple of electrical items that aren’t functioning right. One is the fuel gage, a second is the fire and carbon monoxide warning system, and the third is the air horn. The air horn problem is that it suddenly stopped working, although it draws down on the voltage whenever I try to use it. Also, I am curious about the horsepower. The engine is a 350 block with a 4 barrel carb, and is labeled as a MerCruiser. Do you know the prop specs? I have just one prop for it. Curious as to whether you know of the performance with different props. The boat runs well – top end is around 40 mph. Finally, is there a repository where the records on this company are stored and do you know of a warehouse where parts can be ordered? Thank you for making yourself available to assist us new owners in trying to nail down information about the Elite Craft boats. Respectfully, WBuschmann

Forum ID #: 103  Re: 1990 Elite Craft 8-30-04  You should be receiving your wiring diagram this week. Let me know what parts you may need and I will try to find who to contact. Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 104  Re: 1990 Elite Craft 8-30-04  The horsepower should be between 260-275 depending on the carburetor used and the prop should be a 13×13. The fuel gauge probably has a corroded ground on the back of the instrument. However, sometimes it is the sending unit on top of the fuel tank. When corrosion builds up it is like an open in the circuit and the meter will not work. Take all wires off the instrument and clean thoroughly. The problem for the fire and carbon monoxide sensor is probably the same cause, corroded ground. The air horn is a little more difficult. There is a diaphragm inside the horn assembly that does, over a period of time, plug up due to the moisture. If you can take it apart and clean it you may get some more life out of it, but usually you have to replace the whole assembly. Hope this helps, Dave Smith

Forum ID #: 105  Re: Elite Craft 9-14-04  If you check out and click on men’s apparel you will see a 1988 Elite Craft Riviera that was used in their photo shoot. Brian Gleason

Forum ID #: 106  Re: 1985 Riviera 11-30-04  I bought a 1985 Elite Craft Riviera in pretty good condition. I need to do a little work. The stripes need to be touched up or redone. The waterline paint needs touch up. There is a couple of scratches in the wood grain. The chrome trim is marred and some of the screws keep working out. The windshield is cracked. Standing back 20 feet, this boat looks excellent. I love it and it always turns heads. Therefore, I’m looking to keep it for a long time and learn to take care of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jim Coffey  Austin, Texas 78725

Forum ID #: 107  Re: 1985 Riviera 12-2-04  Congratulations on your purchase! I will try to help as much as possible. Are the stripes on top of the deck or in the deck? They went from using tape on the deck for stripes to using white gel coat in the deck for stripes. The waterline stripe or boot stripe should be tape that can be taken off and redone. I believe in 1985 they used a 1.5 inch boot stripe (tape) and in later years went to a 1.5 and 2 inch white gel coat stripe in the haul.  The scratches on the gel coat over the wood grain can sometimes be wet sanded and then buff polished. If you would like to know what grit sand paper to start with, please send pictures of the scratches and I can get a better idea of the damage. As for the trim, I would recommend having a reputable shop that has experience with stainless steel take a look. If screws are working their way out around the trim, try removing them and then fill in the area they screw into with a very small amount of epoxy that preferably comes in a tube with a long thin tip.  My boat turns a lot of heads as well and I always enjoy hearing other people compliment the boat. Hope this helps, Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 108  Re: 1985 Riviera 12-2-04  Thanks for the reply. The stripes are not inlaid but in grooves. Texas is flooding a lot lately and they do not allow boating on the control lakes. Hopefully I can get some of this and some boating in before “winterizing”. What the heck is “winterizing” anyway? Jim Coffey

Forum ID #: 109  Re: 1985 Riviera 12-3-04  You are welcome. The stripes sound like tape and to remove them all is a timely process. I would recommend trying a heat gun. You can pick up the deck tape from a boating store, I picked mine up at Boat U.S.  I am still in the process of restoring my 1985 Riviera. I will get back to you about the correct winterizing procedures. Do you have a manual for you boat? Thank You, Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 110  Re: 1985 Riviera 12-6-04  I have a three ring copy of an owners manual. I am going to try touching up the tape until I get time to do it right. We can not get a real break from the rain here in Texas.  Jim Coffey

Forum ID #: 111  Re: Elite Craft Info. 12-4-04  I’m looking at an Elite Craft to purchase. I really don’t know much about them except what I found on the internet. How were they constructed? I understand they were constructed using a balsa core product. I’m assuming something like Baltek or DuraKore. Then how was the hull laid up? I know there were several methods. Was a male or female mold used? What about reinforcement material? What were the finishes and how were they applied? Also over the years manufacturing changes….What are some of the items to look for between 1980 to 1990? How many were built in the 20′ size over the years? Paul Fender

Forum ID #: 112  Re: Elite Craft Info. 12-5-04  There currently is a 1990 Elite Craft Riviera for sale on, I also might be adding a 1986 and a 1989 Elite Craft Riviera soon. In terms of the construction process I don’t think I will be much help in that area. There were two finishes used over the years, one was a pecan and the other was more of a red mahogany that they did not start using until 1989 and later. The production years should be between 1978 to 1994. Some of the more noticeable changes over the years would be the windshield which went from a split 2 piece to a full wrap around in 1985, the stripes on the deck went from white tape to white gel coat in 1986, the bottom changed from a semi V with a flat aft to a modified V in 1988 and up models. The number of 20′ Elite Craft Riviera boats built over the years would be about 450 of the semi V’s with the flat aft and about 170 modified V’s, for a total of over 600 Riviera models ever produced. Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 113  Re:  Thanks 12-16-04  It was like love at first sight. I want to learn all there is to know about this exquisite creation..  Buzz McKeever

Forum ID #: 114  Re:  Thanks 12-17-04  We seem to share the same appreciation, I grew up around these beautiful crafts and could not agree with you more. Do you own an Elite Craft?  If you have specific questions regarding these boats I will do my best to try and get the answers. I truly enjoy the subject!  Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 115  Re:  Thanks 12-17-04  Currently I’m between boats. I had a 34′ Sea Ray Sport Fisherman. However, once I got that out of my system I decided I wanted something unusual, elegant and not quite so cumbersome. I’ve been looking for something that draws an “Oh Wow” every now and then. When I saw the Elite Craft I knew that was it. It’s nice to have someone who shares the same enthusiasm for these boats. I’m always open to a good idea every now and then.  Buzz McKeever

Forum ID #: 116  Re:  Windshield 12-27-04  I have a 1988 Riviera.  Windshield is delaminating.  Any idea who made the glass or who has the production mold to make a replacement?  Also, at higher speeds the [ deep v] hull lays to port.  Probably a torque reaction; any cure besides trim tabs?  For the record  I recently changed the steering cable.  It took a 23′ Teleflex standard rotary kit ordered through  About three hours and not a little agility to install.  Thanks for your help and for doing the site.  JIM NOBEL  [N.J.]

Forum ID #: 117  Re:  Windshield 12-27-04  I would recommend getting a replacement made in Lexan polycarbonate or Polymethyl methacrylate and qualified shop can use your windshield as a template to copy.   Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 118  Re:  Windshield 1-9-05  The original deep v hull was designed without any lifting strakes. These strakes help to bring the boat up on plane faster and also help in keeping a level running hull at higher speeds. I see two options to counter your high speed level running problem. You are correct that it is a torque reaction problem, and yes the most easily adapted correction would be the trim tabs. The other option is to take your boat to a quality fiberglass boat repair operation and ask them about adding the lifting strakes on as a secondary application. I know that there are some companies out there that could do this and do it right. I just do not have any names to give you at this time. Dave Smith

Forum ID #: 119  Re:  Windshield 1-9-05  I am sorry, I left off one important option for correcting your problem.  At the factory level for right hand or left hand screw engines, the shaft for the rudder was offset to the opposite side of the prop rotation by a half to one inch to compensate for the torque.  This is standard practice in the industry for inboard engines whether they are left or right hand screw.  Hope this helps you with your problem, David Smith

Forum ID #: 120  Re:  Delivered Riviera’s for the factory 1-7-05  I transported Riviera’s all over the country from Speed Fry in California, to Texas during hurricanes.  I traveled through New Hampshire in the snow,  Lake George was a fun place to go in the summer and Georgia was fun at times.  Just having people look was part of the kick.  Some even would argue that they were wood and that they could see the caulking!  Ralph (Tiny) Chapman

Forum ID #: 121  Re:  Delivered Riviera’s for the factory 1-10-05  Thank you Tiny for sharing your memories of Elite Craft with us.  Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 387  Re:  Delivered Riviera’s for the factory 2-8-10 Hey Tiny nice to know your still with us , and its also nice to be alive. I still have my sport Riviera from 1981, the years do fly by, My boat is in great shape with almost zero upkeep over the last 30 years. Speed Fry Los Angeles, CA

Forum ID #: 388  Re:  Delivered Riviera’s for the factory 2-8-10 Speed, would greatly enjoy seeing any pictures you have of your 1981 Sport Riviera, a very rare model.  Thank you, Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 416  Re:  Delivered Riviera’s for the factory 9-16-10 Eric, just getting around to answering your request of 2-10-10 . I will send you some pics of my boat next week. I need your email and the old mans , thanks Speed Fry Los Angeles, CA

Forum ID #: 417  Re:  Delivered Riviera’s for the factory 9-24-10 Speed, thank you and we are looking forward to the pictures. I will E-Mail both of our E-Mail addresses. Thank you, Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 122  Re:  Draft and weight questions  1-11-05  Does anyone know the draft and weight of the earlier semi-v hulls?  I’m interested in acquiring one, but my lift is in fairly shallow water.  Gcparkin

Forum ID #: 123  Re:  Draft and weight questions  1-11-05  The draft of the 20′ Riviera with the semi-v and flat aft should be 20 to 22.5 inches with a dry weight of 2,200 to 2,650 lbs. depending on the year and type of engine used.  Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 124  Re:  1985 Elite Craft Riviera 12-25-04  Here is a picture of my boat it is a little to cold for a water shot (-5 below) Ha Ha Thanks for all info Merry Christmas  Pat Sullivan  Salem WI

Forum ID #: 125  Re:  1985 Elite Craft Riviera 12-25-04  That looks like a factory trailer, is it one or a remake?  If you need anymore information just let me know.  By the way your boat looks like it is in beautiful condition. The bottom copper gelcoat looks like new and so does the wood grain finish.  Beautiful Boat, Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 126  Re:  1985 Elite Craft Riviera 2-4-05  Yes the trailer is the original one. I see you put the info for the spotlight up. I have another question the motor+trans are painted all white. Was this original? When I got it there was 100hrs on it I only needed to clean it up, adjust the carb, reset the timing, put in a new battery, and change the alt. (I put in a GM 1 wire 60amp alt) I have a little bit of gel coat to fix and it will be good to go.  Pat Sullivan  Salem WI

Forum ID #: 127  Re:  1985 Elite Craft Riviera 2-10-05  There were no engines and transmissions that came from the factory all white for 1985.  Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 128  Re:  Another question on Elite Crafts  1-25-05  A few years ago I saw one with a white hull- was this  painted or did any come from the factory without the wood-grain? just curious. thanks.  Gcparkin

Forum ID #: 129  Re:  Another question on Elite Crafts  1-25-05  Did you see an Elite Craft with an all white hull or just some parts of the hull white?  Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 130  Re:  Another question on Elite Crafts  1-25-05  the boat was on a trailer and was definitely an elite craft, but all of the sides and decks which normally are wood-grain were white. I was not close enough to tell if it was gel or paint. I was just curious if the factory did any this way.  Gcparkin

Forum ID #: 131  Re:  Another question on Elite Crafts  1-26-05  I would love to see some pictures of the boat. As far as I know there was never any Elite Crafts sent from the factory with an all white hull. There could have been an issue of damage to the boat in later years and after it was repaired they covered the hull in white gel coat or some other type.  Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 132  Re:  Another question on Elite Crafts  1-26-05  I don’t have any pictures of the boat in question.  Gcparkin

Forum ID #: 133  Re: 1986 Riviera 3-2-05  Hi I am looking at a members 20′ Riv- very interested and think we will have a deal soon- love the looks since I own 4 mahogany boats, it will be nice to have a splash n go boat instead of the soaking process each yr…A couple of questions- are there particular areas that typically have issues?  I.E.- Mahogany Century’s had transom frame issues- glass Century’s had stringer issues typically.  The boat has only 308 hrs on it and there are a few scratches but nothing major- the rear waterline splash rail has some discoloring but I am hoping it is the clear coat and can be buffed out. The fuel gauge is inoperable at this time but I bet it is corrosion on the gauge or the sending unit, same for the rudder indicator.  Thanks for any info you may have.  John

Forum ID #: 134  Re: 1986 Riviera 3-3-05    You found my favorite subject.  The 1986 was the second production year out of Orlando Florida, all the previous years (1978-1983)were produced out of Michigan.  The boat may or may not have the deck stripes that are actually white gel coat in the deck as well as the boot stripe being the same.  Those are some of the possible differences, for instance on my 1985 Riviera I removed all of the original deck and boot striping (tape) so that it can be replaced and look as new.  They moved to white gelcoat in the deck and hull in later years to use as the stripes but both the tape and white gelcoat lend beautiful results.  I also found with my 1985 Riviera that some areas that have been neglected over the years or weathered can be buffed (as you mentioned) or sometimes in more extreme situations light wet-sanding with a buffing follow up may yield far more impressive results.  Most other things, in my opinion should be typical of most fiberglass boats but I will be more than happy to help if you should need any.  Good luck with the purchase,  Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 135  Re: 1986 Riviera 3-4-05  Thank you for getting back to me- I am thinking that since the fuel gauge, rudder indicator are not working, it is a corrosion issue. The Iva-light is sticky also, but my Arabian has the same light so no problem- I have been into it before to clean and lube it.  I agree- 1500 w/d paper  and a smooth buff job should bring it back.  Is the clear coat actually a gelcoat or a 2 part urethane paint?  The stripes are actually tape- I have had LOTS of practice painting the stripes on the decks of my mahogany boats so tape will be a nice change of pace for me 🙂  Ok- now all I have to do is get to Conn to pick it up!!  Are there owners manuals available for the boat? And I promise, last question-what type of bottom is on the 86 model- I have seen a V bottom, and a modified V with steps outboard the V…Just curious- I am assuming the steps were to help get the boat up so it doesn’t squat in the rear?  Take Care John

Forum ID #: 136  Re: 1986 Riviera 3-21-05  The clear coat is actually gelcoat.  I will send you a copy of my manual.  The 1986 model has the semi-V with the flat aft bottom.  The modified V with the steps close to the waterline outside the V were used I believe to give a greater riding surface.  Hope this helps and please feel free to contact me anytime about the subject.  Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 137  Re: Radio installation 6-6-05  The radio in my boat had crashed before I bought the boat.  It had been shaken to death.  The retaining nuts around the knobs had been its only support.  I am installing a new radio (I don’t want a hole in the dash) but am struggling as to how to brace the back of the radio.  The only exposed bolt is the lead to the antenna, which is probably not a good anchor for the radio.  Have you seen any other logical support mechanism for the radio.  The new radio has a sleeve that provides more support, but I would like to add an additional brace if possible.  Wally

Forum ID #: 138  Re: Radio installation 6-9-05  The best way to support the radio is to do what we call a secondary bond to the bottom of the deck with a piece of wood that has been coated with resin. First select a piece of plywood, approximately 3″x10″x1/2″ that is big enough to screw into. Remember to first sand the under deck surface with a medium sandpaper, then wipe with acetone and after it is dry put ample resin on under deck and then while it is still wet place your 3″x10″x1/2″ resin coated piece of plywood into to the wet resin. You should support the resin treated plywood with a support to keep pressure on it until the resin has set up and the block of wood is firmly bonded to the bottom of the deck. After the cure time, 24 hrs to be sure, then secure the support bar or bars from the radio support or sleeve using rubber grommets at every metal contact point to reduce the potential for vibration. Again remember you do this to the piece of wood only after it has fully dried. You can do this process under the deck where ever you need to be able to attach something. Hope this helps. Dave

Forum ID #: 139  Question re: Elite Craft 7-8-05  I own a 1990 Elite Craft Riviera and a 1986 Elite Craft Elite Ski. I’m happy to see there is an owner’s club and a place to ask questions.  Re: 1986 Elite Craft – The boat’s clear coat has a few hairline cracks, I was wondering what is the best way to repair this?  Re: Rudder Instruments – On both boats, they do not work. Any idea what could be causing this or how to fix? Thanks Steve

Forum ID #: 140  Question re: Elite Craft 7-15-05  The hair line cracks in a gel coat finish most often can be wet sanded out and rebuffed with glass polishing compound. It depends how deep they go. Because there is a surface of 20 mils of clear gel over the wood graining process you can sand a fair amount before damaging the wood grain. Most can be corrected by this method, however if the hair line cracks go very deep then your only choice is to regel with a tinted clear gel. You may still see minute cracks if you get right up next to the clear gel but it is definitely close to original. The rudder indicators on the dash go bad usually for one of three reasons. One, the ground on the back of the instrument is corroded or broken or two, the sending unit on top of the rudder port is bad or broken, or three the meter is corroded on the inside. Remember in a boat all of these electrical contacts are around moisture all the time so corrosion is normal. The first thing to do is clean all contacts and reattach them to their original contacts and cover with a water proof grease. If that does not correct the problem then look at replacing the sending unit or meter.  Dave

Forum ID #: 141  membership 7-16-05  I have two Elite Crafts, a 90 ski and a 90 Riviera. I recently purchased the Riviera and will most likely sell the 90 ski. These are truly great boats! Were going to take the Riviera to the Lake Tahoe Wooden Boat show in August. Should be fun. Interested in a membership. Could you give me some info on it?  Dave Pullin

Forum ID #: 142  Re: membership 7-17-05  Beautiful boats, I have a Riviera myself.  These are great boats and I always enjoy talking about them.  I would enjoy seeing the pictures of your Elite Craft at the Lake Tahoe Wooden Boat show, let me know if anyone thinks the boat is real wood.  I will E-Mail you the information on becoming a member.  Eric Smith
Forum ID #: 143  Weight 8-11-05  I recently shipped a 1980 Riviera to the UK. Its obviously a heavy lay up but my insurers are asking me for the boats unladed weight. Can you help?  Incidentally, it was good to find this site. You guys are doing a great job.
Henry Fletcher

Forum ID #: 144  Re: Weight 8-11-05  Thank you for the compliment, it is greatly appreciated.  As for the dry weight for a 1980 Riviera, it should be between 2,450 to 2,600 lbs.  Eric Smith                                                          

Forum ID #: 145  Lifting eye 8-23-05  Am considering a purchase of Elite Craft 1988. I store my boat in a boathouse when not in use. On inboard/outboards I use a front and rear strap that goes under the boat to lift it out of the water. On an inboard the strap at the rear may damage the shaft and or rudder. I note that the boat has fore and aft eyes that I assume are for lifting and storing the boat. Is it proper  to store and lift boat by the lifting eyes? If not do you have any suggestions for alternative lifting and storage? Can you give me any hints about what to look for in deciding to purchase that is particular to Elite Craft. I have owned a Century Resorter and a Chris Craft Capri and enjoyed the comfortable ride on these boats. Can you make  comparison as to the difference in the ride of  a wood hull and the Elite Craft fiberglass?

Forum ID #: 146  Lifting eye 8-26-05  The lifting eyes were designed to be able to lift the boat out of the water but I do not recommend leaving the boat hanging for long periods of time The eyes are tied into the stringer network and if they have not been damaged should handle the lifting of the boat very well.  The ride should be similar to the Chris., a little hard in rough water but pull back the throttle and lift the bow a little and it smoothes out. Most all the old bottom designs were made for smooth lake conditions.

Forum ID #: 147  new Elite Craft owner 8-31-05  I just acquired a 89′ Elite Craft and I’m interested in joining your Owners Association.  My boat is in the Les Cheneaux Islands in northern Lake Huron hanging off Michigan’s Upper Peninsula about 15 miles northeast of Mackinaw Island.  We love our Island Lass for both ‘moving along’ and ‘cocktail cruising’.  Since we live on an island it will be serving both for our special events and our everyday ‘back and forthing’.  This area is full of many wooden boats (nearby Hessel is home to Chris Craft’s first dealer), and even here the Riviera turns heads and is complimented on by all.  It is a joy to ride in and drive.  Maintaining it will be, hopefully, a lot less of a hassle than was the ’58 Lyman I finally gave up last year.  I’m interested in getting an Owner’s manual as well as joining and supporting the Association.  Very first class website.  Ken LaMotte

Forum ID #: 148  Re:  new Elite Craft owner 8-31-05  First off, congratulations!  I look forward to seeing pictures of your area with your boat.  We have a house on Lake Michigan, a little north of St. Joe.  Ironically, the first Elite Crafts were produced in Coloma Michigan, the same state you are in.  I take great pride in Elite Craft and I always enjoy hearing others with the same view and appreciation for these fine crafts.  One of the projects I am working on is collecting all of the manuals for all production years, or as many as we can, and then convert them to .PDF format and allow owners to download them from the website.  I have a 1985 original manual for the 20′ Riviera, I can convert and send that to you if you would like.  It should provide a good start, but there are some variations between the two.  Your support is greatly appreciated and we thank you again for contacting us.  I will send you an email regarding joining the Association.  Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 149  12-05-05  We’ve had our Rivera for about 7 years, and we love her. She’s named the Lorax. Our kids picked the name.  The Lorax is a book and a character from Dr. Seuss who speaks for the trees. She is kept in our boathouse inside the old quarry on Johnson’s Island, Sandusky Bay, Lake Erie. She is our bay boat. We also have a 1954 Chris 45’ DCFB for the lake.  Stephen Sapp

Forum ID #: 150  air intakes (deck scuppers) 12-6-05  My name is Jack Frost and I am the proud owner of a1989 Elite Craft  called the “PATRIOT”, mooraged on Tomahawk Lake, Wisconsin. My question is pertaining to the “air scuppers” located on the bow Port and Starboard. Has any one cut the fiber glass to insert functioning (opening and closing) intakes to allow fresh air in under the bow deck? If any one has an answer please contact me at,

Forum ID #: 151  air intakes (deck scuppers) 12-7-05  In the original Elite Crafts the bow vents were functional. There was a plastic reinforced vent hose, like a dryer vent hose, attached and went directly into the bilge for better ventilation. This pushed more air through the bilge and into and out of the engine compartment. However in later models the owners complained of water getting in at the deck level and the vent hoses getting in the way of their feet. Personally I would prefer to have them functional and put up with the other small inconveniences.  Dave Smith

Forum ID #: 152  Boats For Sale 3-2-06  I have spent the last three weeks researching the web finding your beautiful boats.  I saw one at a marina here in Sunapee, NH, two years ago for sale, however, closer inspection showed blistering all along the bottom and the owner wasn’t willing to budge on price in order to repair the problem.  Since then, I have never seen another one until I found the Boat Owner’s Club website.  My question is, could you suggest any further resources for location any of your fine boats for sale in New England?  Thank you.  Jeff Heath Lake Sunapee, NH

Forum ID #: 153  Boats For Sale 3-2-06  I am glad to hear that you are looking for an Elite Craft boat.  What models are you looking for particularly?  Let me do a little research and see what I can come up with for you.  Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 154  Boats For Sale 3-2-06  I am open to any model and year at this point, and appreciate your assistance.  Regards, Jeff Heath

Forum ID #: 155  Boats For Sale 3-2-06  Give me a little time and I will see what I can come up with for you.  Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 156  Boats For Sale 3-5-06  Besides what is on the For Sale section of the website I have found two Ski Elites in Florida, one Sportsman in Minnesota and a 20′ Riviera in Oregon.  If any of these are of interest please let me know and I will send you the details.  If I should come across any available Elite Crafts in the New England area I will certainly let you know.  Take Care, Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 157  Production Numbers 3-9-2006  Are there production figures listed anywhere?  Thank you for your continued cooperation.  Greg 

Forum ID #: 158  Production Numbers 5-14-2006  There are about 400 Elite Crafts (all models included) ever produced.  Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 159  Windshield 4-5-2003  We purchased a 1987 Elite Craft Riviera last year and love it as a supplement to our sailboat when the Chesapeake is flat and the wind is gone.  A fine and beautiful runabout.  When we bought the boat the right corner of the windshield was delaminating a little.  It hasn’t gotten worse, but I’m wondering if anyone knows where I could get a replacement windshield that would fit the original frame.  Jim Shaffer

Forum ID #: 160  Windshield 4-5-2003  I always enjoy hearing or reading (in this case) compliments on Elite Crafts. I would recommend getting a replacement made in Lexan polycarbonate or Polymethyl methacrylate and qualified shop can use your windshield as a template to copy.  Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 161  1990 Elite Craft Riviera body repair knowledge 4-20-06  We purchased a 1990 Riviera about a year ago.  What a great boat,  rides like a dream, what a head-turner, its everything in a boat that we’ve ever wanted.  However,  when we purchased the boat she was 90% perfect.  My intentions were to make it 110% nothing has changed.  We have a few scratches and rub marks on the clear gel coat, which we would like to repair.  What are the detailed procedures and products to do this type of repair?  There are two deeper scratches, thru the Clear Gel Coat and into the wood grain.  What would be the procedures and products to do this repair?  Can the wood grain be air brushed in after sanding and the clear gel coated over top or would the whole boat need to be clear gel coated due to incompatibility of Gel Coat products?  I have a fellow to do the stainless, but I won’t do that until we do body work. I would appreciate your input and assistance, Kindest regards from, Jon Bona

Forum ID #: 162  1990 Elite Craft Riviera body repair knowledge 4-24-06  I very happy to hear that you enjoy your Elite Craft so much.  I always enjoy making things look there best.  Depending on the depth of the scratches you can try buff compounding and then buff polishing or if necessary start with wet sanding with 800 grit then 1000 grit and then to 1200 and finally 1500 grit followed by buff compounding and buff polishing.  You can have the deeper scratches sprayed or filled with clear gel, followed by wet sanding.  I would follow up with the previous mentioned wet sanding grits but start with 600 grit and then go to 800 and so on.  Also follow the wet sanding with buff compounding and buff polishing.  I am not sure about the air brushing, but the above mentioned should work on most situations.  I would recommend a qualified detailer or boat shop to perform the above mentioned work.  Take Care, Eric

Forum ID #: 163  Elite Craft Engine Manifolds 4-23-06  I am abroad in Mexico and trying to locate exhaust manifolds in Florida.  I have a Pleasure Craft engine on my boat with original manifolds.  Can you suggest replacement manifolds or original, does Edelbrock aluminum manifolds fit these Pleasure Craft engines?  Robert Moreno

Forum ID #: 164  Elite Craft Engine Manifolds 4-24-06  I would recommend contacting Jack Chamberlain whose company was one of the original engine suppliers for Elite Crafts.  He is most helpful and knowledgeable with engines used in Elite Crafts, there company number is 1-800-262-2929.  As I am not sure about the the fitting of Edelbrock aluminum manifolds on Pleasure Craft engines I am sure Jack can supply you with replacements.  There are located north of Orlando, FL in Longwood.  Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 165  Elite Craft 4-24-06  I am writing from Finland. I have Elite Craft Riviera here and I am wondering if some body is still making Elite Craft boats
T Lennart Sukapää

Forum ID #: 166  Elite Craft 4-24-06  Currently there has been no Elite Craft’s produced since 1993-94.  If there should be any changes in the future I will be sure to let you know.  Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 167  Elite Craft Riviera 5-10-06  I think I am one off the view lucky ones to have an Elite Craft in Holland. It is fantastic and still an head turner! How many were produced? And is there an change that other types will come?  Greetings Pieter

Forum ID #: 168  Elite Craft Riviera 5-11-06  The closest Elite Craft to you so far that I am aware of is a 1986 Elite Craft Riviera in Finland.  There were less then 425 Elite Crafts (all models included) ever produced.  If they should start producing boats ever again I will let you know.  Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 169  What Else but an Elite Craft 5-10-06  Speaking now as a member, in a club of the Elite, I am ready to contribute information to anyone looking for a flush kit.  Its called the Flush Pro.  For anyone like me, that runs in salt water on occasion, it’s a must have.  It’s about seventy dollars at the dealers or you can find it on line at a Discount Inboard Marine for about sixty bucks plus shipping.  Once installed, it’s as simple to use as connecting a garden hose.  I found mine at a local boat dealer selling Master Craft direct drive boats, these are factory installed flush kit for their boats.  It’s installed in the hose line (1 1/4″ for Indmar) leading to the impeller.  I installed mine in this line before the sediment filter (I think that’s what it is), which is between the sea valve and the impeller.  This way the “filter” gets flushed too.  I’m calling it a filter, but really have no clue as to what this canister looking thing is, or what it does.  I’d like to know what this “filter” is, if you have any ideas I’d appreciate them.  My boat has an automatic fire extinguisher on board, is that common with Elite Craft, it’s a twenty dollar discount if you mention it on your State Farm Insurance policy.  Carl Vancio

Forum ID #: 170  What Else but an Elite Craft 5-14-06  Thank you for sharing, the canister you are talking about should be the Raw Water Intake Filter/Valve.  The filter in there is actually called a strainer which “strains” the incoming water to filter out unwanted items so it does not circulate into any parts of the engine cooling.  Most all Elite Crafts should have a automatic fire extinguisher or Halon System.  Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 171  Elite Craft Startup 5-11-06  Problems starting up! Before you can start my boat there is a power selector switch that must be turned to the ON position first. After you turn this switch to ON, a bunch of alarms light up and sound off on the alarm panel. If you push the reset button on the alarm panel, the alarms go off. So, all that is left now is to turn the key and start the engine, but as soon as you turn the key, instead of  hearing the sound of the motor tuning over, all you get is another alarm sound, but no ignition at all. I mean not even a click, just as if the battery were dead dead, but everything else works, e.g. horn, lights, blower, bilge pump, etc. Any ideas other than to check out the contact points, on the neutral pull out selector button, which are located in that compartment where the alarm panel is. The alarm panel is in a pocket right near the throttle/gear lever.  Confounded for sure.  Carl

Forum ID #: 172  Elite Craft Startup 5-11-06  Can you send me your phone number and I will give you a call in a bit.  Thanks, Eric

Forum ID #: 173  Nothing but fun 5-12-06  Thanks for the call, it’s fixed and running good. It turned out to be a loose wire to a switch behind the throttle/gearshift lever. It was a lucky find, but It must of come off during my rushed trip back (48 hrs) with 2200 miles of constant vibration. She didn’t know she was in neutral so she simply wouldn’t start. Talking to you about some options and where to look paid off, a whole bunch of thanks for that.  Regards, Carl Vancio

Forum ID #: 174  Nothing but fun 5-12-06  I am glad it is starting.  I enjoy the correspondences and hope you enjoy the boat.  Take Care, Eric

Forum ID #: 175  Elite Craft membership 5-14-06  We have recently purchased a 1987 Elite Craft Riviera from the original owner.  It only had 300 hours on the boat and was in great shape, but we are refurbishing it inside and out.  We are interested in becoming Elite Craft members and would appreciate any information you can forward to us.  We plan to take our boat to the Mt. Dora Boat Show in Florida this spring.  If you would like pictures, please let us know and we will send them to you. You have a great web site.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks, Tom and Anita Gillis

Forum ID #: 176  Elite Craft membership 5-14-06  First off Congratulations, I hope you both enjoy the boat and I am sure you will notice the boat draws allot of attention.  We currently do not charge any membership dues.  We will be adding your E-Mail address to our master list and update you on any events or publications.  The Mt. Dora Antique & Classic Boat Show has already taken place this year at the end of March are you planning on another show?  I would greatly appreciate all the pictures you can send.  I will post one of them on the Members Page of the website if you would like.  Where is the boat located by the way?  Thank you very much on the compliment about the website, much time has been spent and it is greatly appreciated.  Thank You, Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 177  Question from Proud owner 5-14-06   Wondering if you can suggest an effective cleaner/polisher that will best restore the bright finish to decks that have faded from sun exposure?   Also is there any product that will prevent or at least slow this sun fading problem?  Appreciate any suggestions.  Also can you give me a rough ballpark estimate of the value of my 1980 Riviera Model – (excellent condition with the Ford 302 V8).  Thank You  E. West.

Forum ID #: 178  Question from Proud owner 5-14-06  I would recommend using 3M Marine Products, but I would like to see some close up pictures showing the finish both straight on and at different close up angles.  This would give me a better idea were you should start.  Where is the boat located?  I would also enjoy seeing some pictures of the boat besides the close ups of the finish.  After getting additional information I should be able to give you better idea what your boat may be worth.  Also besides the fading how does the fiberglass look all around the boat, how many hours are on the engine and how is the condition of the interior?  Thank You, Eric

Forum ID #: 179  Question from Proud owner 5-16-06  Thanks for you response:  My Elite Craft is a 1980 20ft Riviera Model.  Unfortunately I do not have any photos to send as it is in storage up in Hessel, Michigan.  The boat is in excellent condition (other than the deck fading issue) and the fiberglass all throughout the boat is still perfect, as is the upholstery.  Boat has been used only in fresh water for usually just two weeks each season.  Appreciate the information on the 3M Marine Products. Cordially E. West

Forum ID #: 180  Question from Proud owner 5-16-06  I would estimate the value of your 1980 Elite Craft Riviera in very good condition both inside and out and not taking into account the engine hours, trailer or seeing any pictures would say the boat would be worth up to $25,000 for that year and model.  Now for the deck fading I would recommend starting with a 3M Marine Super Duty Rubbing Compound, followed up with 3M Marine Finesse-It II Glaze and then finish up with 3M Marine wax.  A qualified detailer could do this for you with a buffer but I would recommend doing this all by hand if you are doing this yourself.  You can also start with a marine polish and then follow up with a marine wax.  Please test all of these options mentioned above in a small area to see what works best.  Again without seeing pictures I am just giving you a few options to start with.  Take Care, EricForum ID #: 181  Question from Proud owner 5-16-06  Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions.  I plan to have the finish worked on professionally and will make sure they use the products you have recommended.  Appreciate having a “ballpark” for the value of my Elite Craft since I have had several inquiries about selling, although I have no real interest to do so unless I get an exceptional offer.  Once again thank you for your input.  Cordially.  E. West

Forum ID #: 182  Question from Proud owner 5-16-06  Your are very welcome.  I am glad to hear that you are having the work done professionally.  The products I have recommended are ones that I have seen great results with.  A professional boat detailer may have other products in mind that would provide a great finish as well.  I would really enjoy seeing the before and after pictures of the detailing.  No problem on the “ballpark” value of your Elite Craft.  We would be more than happy to post it on our For Sale page of the website if you would ever want to part with it.  By the way I thought I would mention since you live in Michigan that your boat was produced there.  Take Care, Eric

Forum ID #: 183  Ski Elite for Sale 5-15-06  I am the owner of a “Ski Elite” Elite Craft. I have owned this boat since 2000.  I bought the boat from a boat collector in Minocqua Wisconsin.  It has been garage kept during both his ownership and mine.  My understanding is he owned the boat for over 10 years. The boats is in excellent condition, except for the windshield.  I have the windshield parts (Plexiglass, top frame, bottom frame, and 1 side strut…needs 2 side struts), but it is damaged.  I currently have the boat listed on eBay…which will expire on this Friday afternoon. I just discovered your web site over the weekend, after a number of bids started coming in with strong inquiries. If you have interest or any information that would be helpful, please contact me.  Thank You, Joe Brown

Forum ID #: 184  Ski Elite for Sale 5-15-06  We have already added your auction to the eBay page of the website.  Is the glass itself intact or does that need to be replaced?  The original glass is safety glass that is two layers sandwiched together.  I would recommend getting a replacement made in Lexan polycarbonate or another form of polycarbonate and qualified shop can use your windshield as a template to copy.  Please let me know if can be anymore help,  Eric

Forum ID #: 185  Ski Elite 5-18-06  Does anyone know how much a Ski Elite weighs?  I am looking to buy one, and want to see if my current lift is sufficient to hold it.  Thank you!  Wayne France

Forum ID #: 186  Ski Elite 5-18-06  The Elite Craft Ski Elite should weigh around 2,200 pounds or more depending on the year.  What year Ski Elite are you looking at?  Thank You, Eric

Forum ID #: 187  Ski Elite 5-18-06  Thank you for the information – good news!  I believe it is an 87 or 88.  Best regards, Wayne

Forum ID #: 188  Ski Elite 5-18-06  No problem, the weight would be 2,200 pounds then for those years (dry weight).  Take Care, Eric

Forum ID #: 189  faded finish 5-19-06  Our Elite Craft has a faded finish, stripes that need replacing and a new flagpole/stern light connector.  What compounds/buffing pads do you use to buff/polish with?  How do we fix the stripes (I think they are tape) and where can we get a replacement stern light?  Thanks.  David

Forum ID #: 190  faded finish 5-19-06  What year Elite Craft do you have and can you send both close-up and profile pictures? I have had great results using 3M Marine products. I would recommend starting with a 3M Marine Super Duty Rubbing Compound, followed up with 3M Marine Finesse-It II Glaze and then finish up with 3M Marine wax. A qualified detailer could do this for you with a buffer but I would recommend being very careful if attempting to do this with a buffer yourself. Please test these options mentioned above in a small area to see what works best. For the buffing pad I would recommend a 3M buffing and polishing pads. Depending on the year of the Elite Craft the stripes are either tape or white gel coat. The replacement stern light can be replaced through A & A Marine at I look forward to seeing the pictures and would enjoy seeing both before and after pictures of the project.  Take Care, Eric

Forum ID #: 191  faded finish 5-22-06  It’s early 80’s. It’s over at Lake George in the Adirondacks and I’m in Milwaukee so I will have to get you more specifics and photos later. We’ll take some before and after shots and I’ll ask my brothers if they have any digital shots right now.  I have a porter cable 7424 orbital buffer that I have used successfully on my aircraft with paint levelers and polish so I’m sure I qualify as an experienced amateur detailer. Are you using a light cutting pad with the rubbing compound or just a polisher and letting the compound do the work?  What products did you use on the interior? I have lots of good products for the leather in my plane but that’s a whole different environment.  By the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, one of the best polishes I have found for chrome and polished metal is called Long-Haul. Saved me hours and hours cleaning up the aluminum spinners on my plane and works great on chrome too. Designed for truckers who like sharp rigs.  I’m also planning on finding a classy looking updated replacement for the cassette stereo they had in it. Any experiences you have had are welcome. The only other major problem is a leak in the fresh water side of the heat exchanger. Have you seen that before? Right now we just keep refilling…Any idea on sources for parts for that? Regards, David

Forum ID #: 192  faded finish 5-23-06  No problem on the tips, it certainly sounds like you know what you are doing up there. I look forward to the pictures later.  How do you like the porter cable 7424? I have been using a polisher and letting the rubbing compound do the work, you can always go more abrasive.  I have not had a real need yet for interior products but I can do some research on what may be good to use.  I appreciate the tips on the metal polish, I will certainly try it.  As for the radio I would recommend a high end marine stereo in silver finish to pick up the chrome and aluminum parts.  For any boat engine parts I would recommend Jack Chamberlin at Marine Exhaust there number is 1-800-262-2929. Jack used to be one of the original engine suppliers for Elite Crafts, he is both very helpful and knowledgeable.  Good luck on the project, Eric

Forum ID #: 193  faded finish 5-23-06  The porter cable 7424 is great. It has an accessory kit that you can throw a different counter weight on to change the pad size up to 6″.  Also has complete control of the rotation speed so things stay in control!  I was put on to it by an aircraft detailer at the Oshkosh fly-in a few years ago.  He told me that they have been easier to use and outlasted other units they have used by many generations.  My general philosophy with the pads and compounds has been to start ”weak” and see the results before increasing the power of either the pad or the compound….I’ll look for the marine products and give them a try with a new polisher pad before going to a cutting pad.  Keep up the good work with the website.  Regards, David

Forum ID #: 194  faded finish 5-24-06  I appreciate the compliment, thank you very much.  You certainly have my attention about the porter cable 7424, sounds like there is a lot of great features.  I am looking to replace my old buffer and I think you have helped to decide on one.  I enjoy the correspondences and look forward to updates.  Take Care and thanks for the info, Eric

Forum ID #: 195  deck stripes 5-24-06  I have been s l o w l y removing the deck stripes on my ’86 Elite with a tool I made using a flat headed screw- works but.. anyway, I pressure washed the boat after an outing this weekend and when I got close to the stripes remaining, viola- it removed them with no fuss and left a clean surface to boot. I was using my 60 degree nozzle on a 2500 psi 4 gpm washer so while it is not a powerhouse, it is a decent washer. Thought you may want to share this with other owners who need to re-stripe their decks as well.  John

Forum ID #: 196  ski elite 5-29-06  We recently purchased a 1986 ski elite that is need of a new windshield.  Does anyone have an old windshield that we could buy and use for a pattern?  We are also interested in any manuals or information on this boat.  We have looked at these boats for years and finally had the opportunity to buy one!  We can’t wait to get it back on the water!!!!  You can e-mail us at  Thanks, Rick and Di

Forum ID #: 197  ski elite 5-30-06 Congratulations, I would recommend getting a replacement made in Lexan polycarbonate or another form of polycarbonate and qualified shop can use your windshield as a template to copy.  Is your Ski Elite the one that was on eBay earlier this month?  If this is the Ski Elite from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area that was on eBay do you have the Plexiglass windshield that the previous owner took off?  I may have a less expensive contact to use for a replacement windshield if you can send the complete frame and old Plexiglass.  I am happy to hear that you both had the opportunity to get an Elite Craft and that you both are so happy with it.  I can E-Mail you an original Ski Elite brochure ad if you would like.  We currently do not have any Ski Elite manuals but hopefully we will get some soon.  Thank You, Eric

Forum ID #: 198  Aligning 6-1-06  I am restoring a 20 foot 19Elite Craft Riviera.  I am the second owner.  The first owner changed the oil and let it go into the engine compartment.  I removed the engine to clean the compartment.  I replaced the motor mounts with new ones that I purchased from PCM.  I  now have a problem aligning the transmission with the shaft.  Has anyone had this problem ? Do you have a solution or a suggestion?  what can you recommend?

Forum ID #: 199  Aligning 6-2-06  Every marine inboard engine application has the same potential alignment problem. Most manufacturers use metal shims to align the engine to the shaft coupler. The shims are placed under the forward and sometimes rear engine mounts to adjust for the correct engine angle. Remember the shaft is already aligned with the strut and the shaft log, so you shim the engine to align with the shaft coupler. When you have the two faces aligned then bolt the engine in place. Check the ease of the propeller and shaft turn as you proceed. If it gets very tight then this will tell you if you are not aligned correctly. You may have to try a couple times to make sure the shaft turns as freely as possible.  Hope this helps.  Dave Smith

Forum ID #: 200  1986 Elite Craft Riviera 6-14-06  I just purchased a 1986 Riviera and agree with your readers it is a ‘real looker’ I had my last boat 27 yrs. and although it was fiberglass along the way I restored a1958 Lyman and a 1957 Correct Craft so I’m glad my beauty isn’t wood. This boat sat for 5 yrs so I’m still having problems getting it to run right. Its a 302 ford with a Holly 4 barrel. I had the carb rebuilt but am having float problems. A boat mechanic told me he thinks it needs a wedge under the carb because of the angle of the motor. I could only find one boat with a clear picture of the motor and it definitely had a wedge. The boat was a Riviera named ‘Katilicious’ but the motor did not look original. Could you tell me how the originals are set up? I have read all 4 pages of your forum and it has answered most of my other questions except one. How do you make a repair when the damage is INTO the wood grain, I paint custom autos so I know how to sand and buff as well as paint clear coat or Gelcoat, But how do you duplicate the pecan wood grain??  Thanks I’ll wait for your reply. Gordon Smith. Portage Lakes Ohio

Forum ID #: 201  1986 Elite Craft Riviera 6-14-06  Congratulations, is this the 1986 Elite Craft Riviera that Bob Zeiger owned?  Thanks, Eric

Forum ID #: 202  1986 Elite Craft Riviera 6-14-06  The question regarding the float sticking in the carb after being rebuilt could be that the engine is not the original and the new one was not set in correctly. The maximum angle an inboard engine can sit in a boat is 17 degrees. If it is more than that the fuel flow through the carb can be obstructed by the float. The best is 15 to 17 degrees. Second, on the repair of the gel coat I would recommend getting a very good fiberglass man to touch up the wood grain by hand with colored gel then cover it with clear gel. We had to do this on a couple of boats that were deeply gouged. It takes a good fiberglass man to do it, but our repairs were just about perfect.  Hope this helps.  Dave Smith

Forum ID #: 203  1986 Elite Craft Riviera 6-15-06 Yes. It was Bob Zeiger’s boat. Its in great shape with 135 hrs. just needs a little attention since it sat so long. I assume that Elite Craft did not use a wedge plate?. You’ll be proud to know as was I, that the antique boat association ask me to enter my boat in there annual boat show, July 1 2006.there will be over 100 wood classics in the show. I was a little taken back that they would want a fiberglass replica around there “classics” but they insisted, saying they had a class called Fiber classics, and my boat would be an asset to  show. You don’t get a better compliment than that. I’ll send some pictures.  Gordon

Forum ID #: 204  1986 Elite Craft Riviera 6-16-06  Actually the wedge plate would work and was tried in the past. The problem for the Elite Craft is that the wedge plate raises the height of the flame arrestor to where it hits on the bottom of the engine hatch cover most of the time. The clearance is very close. The Elite Craft was designed to be as low as possible in order to create the “look” everyone likes so much. That is why every 1/4 inch was critical. Some people, when they repowered, would cut into the engine hatch just enough for clearance. Some would cut a hole in the hatch and put a vent scoop over it.  Hope this helps. Dave Smith

Forum ID #: 205  Windshield 87 Ski Elite  I just bought a 1987 Elite Craft Ski Elite that needs a windshield.  Does anyone know where I can get a windshield?  Thanks, Scott  Happy new owner of an Elite Craft.

Forum ID #: 206  Windshield 87 Ski Elite Congratulations, do you have any pictures of your new purchase?  I would recommend getting a replacement made in Lexan polycarbonate or Polymethyl methacrylate and qualified shop can use your windshield as a template to copy.  Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.  Thank you, Eric

Forum ID #: 207  Steering Cable 6-28-06  I have a 1988 20ft.Rivera Serial# CQAMR0009H788. I have owned the boat since 1998 and enjoy using it on Lake Raystown in Huntingdon County Pennsylvania. Recently the steering cable broke at the rudder end. Does anyone know what brand of the single rotary steering used by Elite Craft in 1988? Thanks for any information. Carl Baxter

Forum ID #: 208  Steering Cable 6-29-06  I am happy to hear you enjoy the boat. You can order a Teleflex 20′ Safe-T-Quick Steering System ordered through  West Marine or a local marine shop which should be a qualified replacement.  Eric Smith

Forum ID #: 209  Rear Bilge 7-5-06  I am a little embarrassed to say that I have had my boat for 5.5 years and only had it in the water one time. When I received the boat it needed some TLC and this was a back burner project. So water time came after a couple of years. My first time out had its issues and I have worked though some of them. Which leads me to my first question, the rear bilge pump had been working fine in both the manual and automatic modes. After returning from the first trip out the pump has stopped working in both modes. I feel it was a vibration issues and I need to make repairs to the wire connections between the bilge pump and the boat wiring, but we will see. I’m not the smallest person and see pump access as an issue. I have noticed that the wires for the pump run through a conduit with the discharge hose from the front bilge pump. I was thinking of disconnecting the wires automatic +12v, manual +12v and the ground from under the dash and try pulling them back through the conduit into the engine compartment and make any necessary repairs, or prepare to wire the new pump if necessary. Hope this almost make sense to you.  Any suggestions?  Regards, Ernie Pauliny

Forum ID #: 210  Rear Bilge 7-8-06  My first thought would be that the contacts at both ends need to be cleaned and checked for corrosion. If that does not do it then I would look at replacing the pump. Is the bilge pump the original one? All electrical systems in a marine atmosphere, lots of moisture, fail faster then if it were in a car…If I understand correctly on pulling the two lead wires through the conduit to check for damage then I would agree that would be a good start after checking the contacts on both ends.  You should tag the ends of wires with white tape and write what it went to before you pull it thru the conduit so when you replace with a new wire you can know what to hook it up to.  I would also recommended connecting a string or similar to the end of of the wires so when you want to pull it back thru the conduit you can.  Hope this helps.  Dave

Forum ID #: 211  Wanted: Elite Craft at or near Georgia area…ready for immediate purchase 8-3-06 Preferably a Riviera but am interested in anything for now.  Geven L. Aston; Off. 678-893-3552; 

Forum ID #: 212  Luckiest guy on the West Coast 8-3-06  Yes, I am the luckiest guy on the west coast!  I just purchased a 1990 20ft Elite Craft. It has 105hrs on the 5.7L MerCruiser. This boat was well kept by the first owner.  The motor was well maintained by a friend/marine-mechanics. I do custom car and boat interior and exterior upholstery and I can’t wait to do the interior. I have a few questions and there probably be more.  The boat sat in a private dock in Huntington Harbor the majority of the time. But it was maintained with bottom paint. I had it cleaned and checked. they said it is all good, but it needs a new coat. I also plan to pull it out of the sea water after the summer to go completely through the whole boat inside and out. How do these boats hold up in sea water?  As far as trailers go, what is the best for my boat. Single or tandem, weight factor, brakes, etc.   Also, where can I find owners manual.  If any, what are the negatives about these boats?  I want to make sure I take care and maintain my investment. Except for a bit fading on the finish, small corrosion on some of the metal parts, this boat is a “GEM”! especially for the price. It sounds and runs great!  I am looking forward on collaborating with the great of thee “ELITE” owners!  THANX, M.F.C. H.B., SoCal.

Forum ID #: 213  Luckiest guy on the West Coast 8-5-06  Congratulations, Could you send me your phone number, I will give you a call and go over everything your are asking.  Thank You, Eric

Forum ID #: 214  Any info regarding fuel tank replacement? 9-5-06  Ken Knatz Service Manager Strong’s Marine, LLC PO Box 1409 Mattituck, NY  11952 631-298-4770 ext. 17

Forum ID #: 215  Any info regarding fuel tank replacement? 9-6-06  Unfortunately there are only three ways to replace the fuel tank on an Elite Craft. The original boats that were made prior to 1985 had smaller gas tanks and were able to be pulled out with less trouble. However 1985 and later models were all made with the 40 gallon fuel tank, which is much larger. This was done to give longer cruising range. The first way is to take the engine out and remove the lifting eye rod and then take the tank out. The second is to take off the carburetor and wiggle the tank out. This will work for some engines but not all as some sit higher than others. The third is to take the deck off and replace the tank and then put the deck back on. I do not recommend this as aligning the deck with the hull is not as easy at it may sound. I recommend number one as the easiest and most logical.  Hope this helps.  Dave Smith

Forum ID #: 216  Tank replacement 9-13-06  Our Elite Craft is one of the two Elite Crafts in Finland, Riviera from year 1989. We tried pulling out the fuel tank according to the instructions we found from the Forum, took the engine out and removed the lifting eye rod. Still there wasn’t enough space to take the tank out, some half an inch were missing. I wonder what are we doing wrong? The tank in this boat has following markings on top of the tank: AFB 345-39. I wonder if this is some kind of special tank? I also would like to know what would be the ideal propeller for this boat (Ford 220 hp engine)? Currently we have 13R13 prop.  Regards Aki Latvanne

Forum ID #: 217  Tank replacement 9-14-06  Have you taken the sending unit off the top of the tank? That may be just enough to clear the tank. I don’t recommend stretching the deck as that could crack the gel coat.  Do you have any pictures you could send? Many different prop sizes were tested but the 13X13 prop is the recommended one.  Eric

Forum ID #: 218  Tank replacement 9-19-06  Here are some pictures of the tank and the label details.  Aki

Forum ID #: 219  Tank replacement 9-20-06  From the pictures it appears the two square or rectangular boxes coming down from the bottom of the deck could be cut (one or both if necessary) to allow the removal of the tank.  Those should be white gel coat on the outside with foam on the inside.  You should not have to cut much to allow the removal of the tank and hopefully only one.  When complete you could re-attach the cut out area and have a qualified gel coat repair shop color match the white gel coat, fill, blend and buff out and you should not be able to tell the difference.  Please let us know if there is anything else I can do for you.   Take Care, Eric

Forum ID #: 220  Tank replacement 9-25-06  Thanks, cutting one side should work. Let’s try. I am looking for a trailer and a hood that could be used while driving (in colder weather). Do you have any recommendations of the manufacturer or where to buy?  A.k.i.

Forum ID #: 221  Tank replacement 9-28-06  Just checking on the progress on the tank removal. I have not found any manufacturers of trailers in your area, but I would look for an all aluminum tandem axel trailer from a distributor or manufacturer that will custom fit the Elite Craft to the trailer for both weight distribution and for the best support of the boat.  Take Care, Eric

Forum ID #: 222  Tank replacement 9-28-06  Trailer manufacturer does not have to be a European company, US manufacturers are just fine. I can import the trailer from there.  A.k.i.

Forum ID #: 223  Tank replacement 9-28-06  I have a dealer here that I have used for my Elite Craft’s.  If you would like I can send you some pictures of my Elite Craft on one of there aluminum trailers. How did the tank work out by the way? Thank you, Eric

Forum ID #: 224  Tank replacement 9-28-06  Cutting one side is enough to get it removed.  So that works fine.  Please send some pics of the trailer.  A.k.i.

Forum ID #: 225  Elite Craft Trim tab(s) 9-15-06  I have fallen in love with my Fathers EliteCraft, but I have a question. It rides bow high and I am wondering if this is simply a characteristic of this boat? Is there a stationary trim tab I may install to bring the bow down a bit. I have a concern about adjustable trim tabs and I’ll have to explain why. The previous owner of this boat also loved it. So, he had a custom 24’ replica build for him. As he was outing with a group of friends the boat rolled during a turn. So, his wife would never ride in the original Elite Craft as well. That is how my father acquired the boat. He is now passing it along to me. However, I get a little tired stretching my neck up or sitting on the seat back in order to comfortably see beyond the bow.  Any suggestions for me would be appreciated.  Regards, Scott Inslee

Forum ID #: 226  Elite Craft Trim tab(s) 9-15-06  The bow will ride high depending on the cruising speed but will lower when fully plained out.  We have had members put trim tabs on there Elite Craft with much success and has been very helpful for rough water and to adjust the bow height.  If you would like we can send you some pictures of Elite Craft’s with trim tabs.  The biggest hesitation usually is deviation from the “classic look” but some feel benefits outweigh the change in look.  I would truly love to see pictures of the 24′ replica (as many as you can spare), do you know if they made it out of wood?  Could you please send pictures of your boat too?  Thank you, Eric

Forum ID #: 227  Elite Craft Trim tab(s) 9-19-06  Thanks for your response! My father has corresponded with you as well and will send pictures of his 94’ Elite Craft. We’ll see what photos are available from the other gentleman’s boat he had built. I believe it was designed to resemble/replicate the Elite Craft. I would appreciate any pictures with Elite Craft Riviera with the trim tabs. I too would prefer to maintain the classic look. The performance is not why I truly enjoy the boat!  I took the boat on a ride this weekend in smooth water and the boat planed very well. All previous outings were in rough water where I was probably not at full plane. The engine is a 350? And it max’s out at 35mph in smooth water which I was fairly surprised at as well. Both my father and I are pleased to have located this website and will maintain contact. I’ll have him forward pictures.  Regards, Scott Inslee

Forum ID #: 228  Looking for source of wood night light 9-15-06  I own a 1994 Elite, but before I got it, the prior owner allowed the rear night light wood staff deteriorate. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement made of wood ? Also, what is the best cleaner to use to clean it down to the fiberglass as want to remove the milky build up. Have only 128 hours on this boat. Can anyone beat that for a 1994 ? Thanks. Evan E.Insee, Lake Tapps, WA, 253 677 9989 

Forum ID #: 229  Looking for source of wood night light 9-15-06  Here is a link where you can purchase a replacement stern flag pole made out of wood, they can also recondition yours if possible.  We would recommend the “G” pole as that should be the closest to the original.  You can order it in either a walnut or a mahogany finish and you will also need to specify weather you need a one or two pin connection on the bottom of the pole.  I have been very pleased with the results of using 3M marine products on my Elite Crafts.  You can start with a restorer/wax but if you send me pictures of your boat both close up and with full boat views I may give you some other suggestions.  You certainly have low hours on your 1994 and I am sure that is one of the lowest out there although I have a 1990 with only 57 original hours. Look forward to the pictures, Eric

Forum ID #: 230  Looking for source of wood night light 9-17-06  Thanks Eric. Will do. Regards, Evan Inslee

Forum ID #: 231  I finally found a boat to buy! 9-17-06  After all the searching for a ski boat all over the country, I finally found Geven Aston’s ’87 Ski Elite within an hour of home!  (The boat is in the owner’s section of your forum).  The boat has around thirty hours and is in good condition.  My question regards the wood-grain fiberglass……even though it is in good condition there has been some fading.  When I removed the name from the transom of the boat I was left with a “shadow” from the original name.  I can see what the fiberglass looked like when new.  I hate to bother you with this, and have tried to read the forum to find an answer.  However, what questions/answers I have found in the forum about the wood-grain fiberglass relates to deep scratches or gouges.  Is there a solution here?  Also, can I obtain a copy of the owner’s manual for this boat?  Thanks in advance, Ken Miller.

Forum ID #: 232  I finally found a boat to buy! 9-20-06  Congratulations, I look forward to seeing some updated pictures.  I like the results I have had with 3M marine products.  3M makes a restorer/wax that may work but if you send me some close up pictures I can give you some other suggestions if necessary.  I currently do not have any Ski Elite owner’s manual’s but when I do I will be sure to E-Mail you one.  Take Care, Eric

Forum ID #: 233  I finally found a boat to buy! 9-28-06  How is the new toy working out?  Eric

Forum ID #: 234  I finally found a boat to buy! 9-28-06  Oh my goodness, you have no idea.  I love this thing.  I will be taking pictures to send to you for the board.  Specifically I will be taking a picture of the swim platform where it goes into the sides of the boat at the waterline.  The fiberglass has cracked on both sides and I wanted to ask you if this is normal.  I will be sending you close-ups so you can better see what I am referring to.  Thanks for your help, Ken

Forum ID #: 235  My Boat Redux  9-23-06  I got the Elite out today and installed the rebuilt starter, alternator and new solenoid. Everything is fine except I need to know where the purplish/blue wire goes on the back of the alt. There are three wires basically- the one with the connector, the heavy 12 volt wire and a blue-purplish wire. I had the shop boost the alternators output some to compensate for the blower load- On the back of the regulator there is a diagram that points to each of the four outputs of the alternator- I don’t have that in front of me right now but I thought that the purplish wire went to the AC tap- that shut the gauges down when I cranked the boat up- I took it off and everything is working fine (????) with it unconnected…Would really like to know where that wire goes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am calling the alt shop Mon to find out if that terminal is not supposed to be used now for some reason. Thanks Jay

Forum ID #: 236  My Boat Redux  9-23-06  Sorry for the delay, what is the status of your boat repair?  Thanks, Eric

Forum ID #: 237  My Boat Redux  9-29-06  I think I have it figured out, when I asked the shop to boost the alt, they converted it to a self excited field. The purplish (violet) colored wire feeds off of the same resistor that feeds the choke. I think that wire is what excited the fields in the alt old configuration. I have the boat running and everything is working without the violet wire hooked up- I was going to remove it from the harness but think I will fold it back into the jacket just in case. Thanks for getting back. The new starter sure does crank the motor faster !!!J

Forum ID #: 238  1980 Riviera 10-17-06  I was reading the forum and see Ken is using his boat in Georgia. I am in the process of moving my Riviera to North Georgia and was wondering what Lake Eric was using?  I recently purchased my boat. It was stored without use for 6 years. I replaced all belts hoses wires etc. turned the key and she purred like a kitten. Looking forward to the next boating season on the Lake.  Ken

Forum ID #: 239  Starter for Pleasurecraft 350 10-21-06  Hi, my name is Robert and I have a 1988 Elite Craft Riviera with a Pleasurecraft 350.  My question is, how much should a starter cost for this model engine?  Also, if anyone has any recommendations where I can purchase one new or rebuilt.  I am located in Miami, Fl. and I’m being charged $240 for a rebuilt unit.  I feel the cost is a bit expensive.    Your response will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Robert

Forum ID #: 240  Starter for Pleasurecraft 350 10-21-06  First the 350 engine is a GM engine that has been marinized with water jackets, different headers, water impellers etc.,  by Pleasure craft.  You might be able to go to a Discount auto store and get a rebuilt or new one.  The next way would be to call around to different Marinas and see if they have a used or rebuilt one.  Compare prices. I would start by calling around and getting the best price with the best guarantee. Hope this helps.  Dave Smith

Forum ID #: 241  Spiffing up my Riviera 10-25-06  I’m the guy in N.J. with the 88/95 Riviera that got the new hull. This year’s projects included new risers/manifolds, cleaning,& paint engine & trans. (300 hrs). Replaced the steering cable.  I removed all the hardware including the Iva Lite and had it rechromed ($1,500.00).  While it was off, I had a body shop renew the finish.  We considered wet sanding (1,500 & 2,000 grit test ) but ended up using a 2” air tool with some fancy new compound.  The body guy said there was good thickness of clear gel coat and the finish came out beautiful!!  Also had a new custom built (narrow) aluminum tandem trailer built in Fla. With 14” wheels & disc brakes. . The upholstery & carpet were replaced by the factory in 1995 and are perfect.  All that’s left is the windshield which, though intact, is delaminating.  I may just let the next guy deal with that one. I’m nearly ready to list the boat for sale on your website.  And judging from the prices. I felt it was a good idea to invest the work & money to put it in top condition and get the best return.  As soon as the hardware is re-installed, I’ll take some pictures.  Keep up the good work.  Jim Nobel

Forum ID #: 242  Spiffing up my Riviera 11-6-06  Impressive, I look forward to seeing the pictures of your Elite Craft.  You too keep up the good work.  Eric

Forum ID #: 243  Winterizing 10-29-06  I bought Bob Zeigler’s 86 Riviera and I wrote to the forum on 6/14.At that time I was asking about a wedge plate, but with some float adjustments in the carb we got it running perfect. Had a great summer and took first place in the boat show that I spoke of. Now its time to winterize and I do not have a manual. Its a 302 Ford with the internal cooling system. My guess would be to disconnect the hose from the pick-up filter and put it in a bucket with running water, start the motor and bring it up to temperature, then add antifreeze until it came out the exhaust. If this is not correct I would be willing to buy a owners manual if one is available. Thanks, Gordon Smith Portage Lakes Ohio.

Forum ID #: 244  Winterizing 11-6-06  Congratulations on the first place in the show, do you have any pictures from the show?  I am sorry for the delay, I have been out of town.  Here is a 1985 Elite Craft Riviera Manual, please let me know there is any information you still need that is not in there. Take Care and I am looking forward to the pictures, Eric

Forum ID #: 245  Winterizing 11-11-06  You are correct except we used pure antifreeze, not diluted with water. The reason is that some times it left a pocket where just water could sit and freeze.  Dave Smith

Forum ID #: 246  Propeller Size 11-6-06  I have 86 model Riviera and I’m wondering what is the right size of propeller now the boat is going 33 knots and engine is running  4400 rpm? Thanks,  Lennart Sukapää, Finland

Forum ID #: 247  Propeller Size 11-6-06  The best prop should be the 13X13 prop for you boat.  What prop do you have currently on your Elite Craft?  Thanks, Eric

Forum ID #: 248  Propeller Size 11-7-06  I have to look next week at the prop.  T. Lennart

Forum ID #: 249  Looking for the Right Ski Elite 11-21-06  I have owned several ski boats over the years, but nothing that would compare to these timeless classics.. There has been mentioned a few Ski Elites for sale from time to time. I am interested in finding any year for purchase. I’m located in Illinois and willing to travel to get it.. Perhaps the members may know where one is??  Thanks Dave

Forum ID #: 250  Looking for the Right Ski Elite 11-21-06  I couldn’t agree more, they are truly “timeless classics”.  I will keep you up to date with new Ski Elite listings and perhaps someone may be selling one that sees this post.  Thank you, Eric

Forum ID #: 251  1980 Elite Craft Riviera 12-9-06  What is the proper care and maintenance of the mahogany rail at the sides and rear of the boat?  Ken

Forum ID #: 252  1980 Elite Craft Riviera 12-19-06  If it is a 1980 then it was made up in Michigan and the splash rail would be made out of mahogany. Depending upon the condition of the wood you would refinish it like any other wood. Use painters tape to mask off all of the non-wood areas (fiberglass and stainless steel).  Take it down to bare wood, sand it down to as smooth as a surface as possible then stain and varnish according to the material instructions. If there are dark spots you can lighten them with bleach or other products that a marine supply store would have. Just make sure the surface is dry and smooth before trying to stain and varnish.  Hope this helps. Dave

Forum ID #: 253  Classic Yacht online magazine: free subscriptions 12-20-06  Hello, I am the publisher of Classic Yacht online magazine.  I’d like to invite all Elite Craft Boat Owner’s Club members to visit the Classic Yacht website, take a look around, and subscribe for free to this new online magazine. Click the image below to visit Classic Yacht online magazine is devoted to the authentic boating experience.  We are looking for great stories about colorful people, their unique boats and the places they explore.  Please consider forwarding this message (and the free subscription offer) to your customers and mentioning it on your website in hopes that a great story might bubble to the surface. The premier issue will be available in just a few days.  Thank you, and enjoy.  Bill Prince Publisher Classic Yacht online magazine

Forum ID #: 258  Ski Elite 3-29-07  I’ve been looking for 4 years now for a ski elite.  Do you have any recommendations as to how I may better go about actively pursuing finding one or enticing someone to sell?  Thank you so much!  Jeff Chandler

Forum ID #: 259  Ski Elite 3-30-07  I am very happy to hear that you are looking to acquire an Elite Craft Ski Elite, these are truly beautiful boats.  They do come on the market every now and then, we have actually had a few members take there Ski Elite off of the market because they rather not let go.  I would be more than happy to E-Mail you when we add a Ski Elite to the For Sale section of the website.  Thank you, Eric Smith  Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 260  Riviera Splash Rails 5-11-07  As a Ski Elite owner, I am curious…….how are the splash rails on the Rivieras attached to the hull? Of what material are they constructed? Ken Miller  Chattanooga, Tennessee

Forum ID #: 261  Riviera Splash Rails 5-11-07  Depending on the year of construction the rails are made of different material. Pre 1985 they were all made of wood and fastened trough the hull from the inside out. From 1985 on they are fiberglass and made in two pieces but also attached through the hull from the inside out. Hope this helps.  Dave

Forum ID #: 262  Which year is best? 6-10-07  I am looking to buy a Riviera. Are there pro’s and con’s to the semi v vs. the modified v bottoms? According to the forum the mod v started in 88, yet in for sale pictures I have seen earlier boats with both a flat aft and a v aft? What were the options available? Speed with a 260 hp seems to be 40 mph-is that correct? What is the speed with the 302 ci? The front seat “walk thru” started in 86? Did it return to a solid back as I saw a picture of a 90 or 91 with a solid back or was this custom? Is there one year or years that stands out as the best combination of features? Is there anything that can be done to prevent windshield delamination? thanks gary (NJ) (waiting for reply on my request to join the club)

Forum ID #: 263  Which year is best? 6-11-07  I will contact you regarding your request to join the club.  Eric  Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 264  Which year is best? 6-18-07  The original semi flat aft bottom was designed  for inland lake and river water conditions, i.e., smooth water. The semi V was designed for a little softer ride in choppy water. Both hulls are designed to run at 40 plus mph with a 302 and a couple more mph with the larger engine. The larger engine gives more torque at low speeds but only, as stated, a few more mph. We brought the semi V out in late spring of 1987. Everything manufactured after Aug 1 1987 was designated a 1988 by Coast Guard regulation… The “walk thru”  was an option from 1986 on. Some or most people liked the straight bench as it allowed more people to sit up front…The delaminating of the glass is an inherent problem with all boat manufactures who use a safety glass windshield. The tremendous flexing of the boat hitting waves cause it to stress the edges and allow moisture over time to get into the area between the two sheets of glass and cause the delaminating. The only real acceptable cure is to use a “Lexan” Plexiglas replacement. It works just fine.  Dave

Forum ID #: 265  David S Smith 6-14-07  Just wanted to say hello. It’s Debbie from Coloma…you were my first big “summer job” when I was a kid growing up in Michigan. You and Skip and Pam set a high bar for future jobs for this girl… Enjoy what you do and who you work with. Many fond memories. Who wouldn’t like a job where she gets to talk on the phone, and take a boat ride every now and then??? Was back in Michigan a couple of summers ago, and took my kids to the lakeshore, and went by the old “Smith Place” What a surprise to find this website. We had our 25th high school reunion a couple of years ago, Mrs. Thomas has long passed away (your landlord for the plant, my high school typing teacher). Best wishes to you and your family! My family and I are boat owners, but sadly, we do not own an Elite Craft.  Debbie (Carter) Elgen  Bald Knob, Arkansas

Forum ID #: 266  David S Smith 6-18-07  I forwarded your forum submission to David Smith.  He will follow-up with you directly.  We greatly appreciate you sharing with us.  Take Care, Eric  Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 267  Want someone to talk to someone about Elite Craft Riviera  6-28-07  Is there anyone that I can call about an Elite Craft Riviera. I grew up with the beautiful Chris Craft runabouts and always loved the beauty of the boat but am not handy so a fiberglass version of one of the great old wooden boats seems like the answer. My name is Peter Ventura my cell is 707 287 6422 please call and I will return the call ASAP on my dime. I have found one for sale and like what it looks like but know nothing about the boat. thank you. Peter Ventura

Forum ID #: 268  Want someone to talk to someone about Elite Craft Riviera  6-28-07  Peter, it was great talking with you last night about Elite Craft.  If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Eric Smith  Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 269  1981 Ski Elite  6-30-07  Hi, First off …what a great site!! I’m looking at a ’81 Elite Ski and I’m trying to find more info and pics. The boat has a square wind shield and the top of the boat is mostly white, with the rest of the boat having the wood grain . I’ve only seen a few picture of the boat. Was this the norm for that year of the Ski Elite? Any info and pictures would be great. I can be reached at …. thanks Rob  Calgary ,Alberta Canada

Forum ID #: 270  1981 Ski Elite  7-2-07  Thank you very much for the compliment on the website, we greatly appreciate it!  We will send you some pictures of the 1981 Elite Craft Ski Elite to your E-Mail address.  Your description of the boat sounds correct, if you would like I would be more than happy to look at any pictures of the 1981 Ski Elite you may have and could send.  Eric Smith  Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 271  Buffing deck issue  6-30-07  Question. Have a 1994 Elite and slight oxidation exists on the deck. I want to have it buffed out. Any thing that you can tell me to make sure that I don’t damage the surface would be appreciated. Evan E. Inslee, Lake Tapps, WA

Forum ID #: 272  Buffing deck issue  7-2-07  I would recommend having a qualified boat detailer buff compound (fiberglass compound), then buff polish (fiberglass polish), and then a hand wax (fiberglass wax) in a specific area and then check the results.  Please let me know how that works out we have other options after that.  If you send me close ups of the before and after area I would will post them here.  Eric Smith  Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 273  Morning Star  7-3-07  I bought my Riviera from Ron Epps at Lake Chelan, Washington state about four years ago (before hurricanes Ivan, Dennis and Katrina among the worse) and am glad to say your website gave me encouragement to buy and satisfaction knowing I am not alone as an owner. She has been a joy to own and use. Have 389hrs on her and haven’t seen another in this neck of the woods. I live in Fairhope, Alabama on Mobile bay and near he gulf of Mexico and keep the boat in Gulf Breeze Florida near my place at Pensacola beach Florida. Have a friend with one in Cooperstown, New York and both our families had wooden Chris Crafts when we were growing up in the 50’s and 60’s and we do not miss the wood down south with the humidity, hurricanes and salt water. Keep the faith. Ken Niemeyer  Fairhope, AL

Forum ID #: 274  Morning Star  7-3-07  That is a great post and we appreciate you sharing.  Thank you, Eric Smith  Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 278  Morning Star  7-19-07  Such a small world. I just purchased several days ago the 18′ Riviera Style Elite Craft Tender that was on EBay from a gentleman in Seattle, WA and this very boat also shows on this website under “sold” (the boat has been completely refurbished from the pictures on this website from that owner). Can’t wait to start using her! In trying to learn more about these wonderful boats I was reading the Forum and had to reply to this particular one. My wife and I lived in Fairhope, AL for 3 years then we moved all along the Gulf Coast of Alabama to Florida for 6 more years. We absolutely loved living in Fairhope, as we lived aboard our 58′ Monarch Trawler at Fly Creek Marina and then the Grand Hotel. We now live in Sandpoint, ID on Lake Pend O’reille (which is the most amazing jaw dropping scenic lake). Can’t say I miss the humidity, hurricanes, snakes and alligators. Now I am not to far from where you purchased your boat in WA. As you can see… it is a small world.  Steve Henson  Sandpoint, ID

Forum ID #: 275  Remove rudder  7-14-07  Our mechanic is trying to fix the rudder indicator which is stuck in the extreme starboard position. The rudder indicator cable has broken. How does he remove the rudder so he can repair the rudder indicator? The pivot point that the cable screws into at the quadrant is so rusted that he can’t get it off the ball/nipple.  Jim Shaffer  Annapolis, MD

Forum ID #: 276  Remove rudder  7-14-07  I need to know what year the boat is as to what tank was used. Some had enough room to take the gas tank out and then you can work on it from above. If not the Engine might have to come out first and then the gas tank. However, the first thing I would do is check for continuity from the back of the rudder angle indicator on the dash to the end of the cable to make sure there is no other break in the circuit. Then I would approach as stated above. Not being able to see it I can only guess as to the condition, however if the tank can come out then you might have to drill and retap on top of the rudder shaft for a ground connection for the rudder angle indicator. Hope this helps. There are other ways to try to repair the problem but they are kind of make shift. The only way to do it “factory condition”, is as stated above. Hope this helps. Dave

Forum ID #: 277  Remove rudder  7-16-07  Thank you, Dave. I have passed the information on to our mechanic. It’s a 1989 Elite Craft. Jim Shaffer  Annapolis, MD

Forum ID #: 279  Trim Tabs as an addition?  7-29-07  Have a 1994 Elite Riviera. The bow is too high until get into speeds like over 15 knots. Has anyone ever installed a couple of trim tabs to lower the bow and if so what dimensions and description. Thanks. Evan Inslee 253 677 9989;  Lake Tapps, WASH

Forum ID #: 280  Trim Tabs as an addition?  7-30-07  This an inherent problem in the older inboard bottom designs as in the old “Woodies.” The Elite Craft modeled their bottom after this same design in order to give the same ride characterizes. In both, the average shaft angle is about 15 to 17 degrees which causes the stern to push down, at first, and the bow to push up. Some people like this as it copies how the older wooden runabouts ran. However some do not. For those who do not like this there is the option as pointed out in using trim tabs or a shim. The trim tabs have worked the best as they are adjustable. Most any Marina can install trim tabs on the stern under the splash rail. Remember the whole hull is reinforced with end-grain balsa so any hole you put in the hull needs to be sealed with resin so no water can get into the core material.  Hope this helps.  Dave

Forum ID #: 281  Ladder  8-4-07  Do you recommend any specific brand of ladder to get into the boat after a “brisk” lake swim? I have a 1980 Elite Craft Riviera that has been in storage for about 15 years. She looks new, the engine (original) only has 115 hours and runs great.  Ken  Hiawassee, Georgia

Forum ID #: 282  faded hull  8-6-07  Hello I am a restorer and a customer has brought a 1991 Rivera to me for work. there a few dings in the gel coat that need attention and cracks in the clear gel coat on top.. also I have notice that the boat seems quite faded where I have removed some hardware and where the tonneau had covered the hull… is the fading on the surface or is the the wood film applied to the hull under the outer gel coat? will I be able to bring back the original color by polishing? I work on many boats Old and New and am very impressed with the quality of this boat!!! It is rock solid there is no flex anywhere a true sign of quality construction. Thank you Robert Wilson  Upstate, SC

Forum ID #: 284  faded hull  8-8-07  Depending on the depth of the “dings” you should be able to clean and fill the dings with clear gel coat and then sand and polish.  The cracks sometimes are just on the surface and can also be sanded and polished out.  However, without seeing the actual damage it will be difficult to tell the extent of the damage to the gel coat.  If they are all the way to first layer of the wood graining then I would suggest a very tiny drill, 1/16th or about, and then rout out the crack and fill with clear gel then sand and polish.  However I would start with a wet sand of the clear gel starting with about a 400 grit and working your way up to 1000 grit.  After which I would use a good fiberglass polish to bring out the luster.  There is approximately 20 mils of clear gel coat on the surface so you can do a fair amount of sanding.  There is also a UV stabilizer in the gel coat that reduces the UV damage done to any fiberglass gel coat which should allow you to get rid of most of the fading by the above method.  I have seen a 22 year old Elite Craft brought back to look almost like new.  Hope this helps.  Dave

Forum ID #: 283  Looking for an Elite Craft Riviera to purchase  8-6-07  Could anyone guide me in the right direction?? Which year is the best and who might be selling one. Thanks Mike Zappa 412-292-5506 or  Pittsburgh, PA

Forum ID #: 285  Looking for an Elite Craft Riviera to purchase  8-6-07  I will contact you directly and help you find your Elite Craft.  Eric Smith  Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 286  Riviera Rub Rails and Bow Pole  8-14-07  I have a 1987 Riviera that has some dents in the rub rail. Is there a company that still makes the rub rail or how does one fix the dents. I also would like to know where I could locate a bow pole. I am missing mine and have been trying to locate one that fits into the bow light assembly. Thanks  Todd Theilmann  Wayzata, MN

Forum ID #: 287  Riviera Rub Rails and Bow Pole  8-27-07  You should be able to have your rub rails repaired depending on the size of the dents.  The rub rails (1985 and up) are actually just two pieces with a bow and stern cap that were manufactured specifically for the Elite Craft boat line.  They are manufactured of high grade stainless steel, you should be able to take it to a local shop that works with stainless steel to repair the dents.  As for the bow flag pole replacement I would recommend trying and would also recommend Bow Pole C.  I do not believe the 1987 had  a piece that screwed into the bow light flag pole slot so this one should work without additional pieces.  Eric Smith  Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 288  Draft  8-26-07  Hi All, A friend of mine is selling there 1989 20′ Elite Craft and I’m interested in it but, the water is sometimes less that 24″ deep at my dock at times. How deep is the boat from the water line down? Thank You. Todd Hill  Buffalo, NY

Forum ID #: 289  Draft  8-28-07  The draft of a 1989 20′ Elite Craft Riviera should be 26″ in fresh water.  Eric Smith  Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 290  Elite Craft Ski Elite  9-5-07  I have just discovered your web site & your Boats. I have owned Boats for over 40 years & I am very impressed with your Boats. I am very interested in the SKI ELITE Model. I would like to find a nice used one 18 feet long. Can you guide me in the right direction, and direct me where I can find a SKI ELITE 18ft used Boat. Perhaps you can inform me where there is a dealer close to the New England area. Please Advise Thanks,  Joseph Polisena  Johnston, RI

Forum ID #: 291  Elite Craft Ski Elite  9-7-07  We should have a Ski Elite become available within the next month or so.  I will send you pictures of the boat as soon as it becomes available.  Eric Smith  Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 292  Elite Craft Ski Elite  9-21-07  I would be very interested in finding a 19′ Ski Elite when one comes available. I have a 1959 Century 16 foot Resorter which will be for sale as soon as i get it varnished. I have owned it since new and been looking to replace it with the Ski Elite for the last few years. They are very hard to find. E-mail or phone 843-422-2777  Jerry Amann  Bluffton, SC

Forum ID #: 293  Elite Craft Ski Elite  9-21-07  We should have a Ski Elite become available within a month or so.  I will let you know as soon as it becomes available.  Eric Smith  Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 294 Elite Craft Riviera 9-21-07  While it may not be for sale, I am very interested in buying the 1990 20 ft Elite Riviera located in Ashville, N.C. I believe—it was listing # 101.Thank you for any help you can be in contacting the 800-272-8439. Bill Butler Camden, ME

Forum ID #: 295 Elite Craft Riviera 9-21-07  We have passed on your request to the current owner. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 296 1969 Elite Craft Restoration 9-23-07  I live near Ft. Lauderdale, FL and I am trying to find someone to completely restore my boat. Does anyone have any recommendations? Jonathan Moulton Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Forum ID #: 297 1969 Elite Craft Restoration 9-24-07  I see that you stated that the Elite Craft that needs restoration is a “1969 Elite Craft” did mean a 1989. We have done Elite Craft Restorations but we would need to see as many pictures as possible with a full list of all items you would like addressed, replaced and or repaired. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 298 New Clear Coat 10-4-07  I am purchasing a 1991 Elite Craft and I would like to bring back the gloss and the shine to the hull and deck. What have been the best procedures and materials used to refurbish the boat. Phillip MarkOrlando, FL

Forum ID #: 299 New Clear Coat 10-4-07  Congratulations on your purchase, I see you are in Orlando. I will be more than happy to go over your Elite Craft with you in person. I will then able to direct you in the best procedures and materials to use to bring your Elite Craft finish back to like new. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 300 Elite Craft Hardware 11-4-07  Hello all, I have just found a Elite craft ski model it is need of restoration, it is missing some hardware specifically the spot light and horn, also most of the stainless steal rub rail and some trim pieces need to be replaced can anyone help with locating these parts? You can email me at thanks! Doug Lister TX

Forum ID #: 301 Elite Craft Hardware 11-10-07  I could give you more accurate information if I know the year of you Ski Elite. I will do my best to direct you in getting all of the parts that you need for your Elite Craft. The stainless steal rub rail are actually 2 pieces with a front and end cap, there were custom fitted and manufactured for all of the Elite Craft model boat line (1985 and up). Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 302 Elite Craft Hardware 11-15-07  I have reviewed the pictures that you sent in to the Owners Club and you actually have a 1986 Elite Craft Riviera with the “L” shape seating configuration. Many of the parts for the Elite Crafts were custom made/manufactured specifically for the Elite Craft boat line. We will be offering the rub rails and many other Elite Craft parts after the New Year, please check back with us periodically after that. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 303 New Owner 11-28-07  Hello, I just became the owner of the 1987 Elite Craft Riviera. The boat it is in great shape and beautiful. The 302 four barrel has been rebuilt, however it is not completely reassembled. I’m not much of a marine mechanic and need help getting it running. Is there a manual out there that I can purchase to help me get this boat into the water. I intend to get it running to sell right away. I will have photos taken soon and I will post them on my web page for viewing when ready. Any help from this community is greatly appreciated and I greatly look forward to hear back from the club members. Jay Montgomery Sebewaing, MI

Forum ID #: 304 New Owner 12-1-07  Congratulations on you recent acquirement of a rare Elite Craft. I will send a PDF manual for your Elite Craft Riviera to your E-Mail address. We look forward to seeing pictures. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 305 New Owner 12-2-07  Thank you Eric, Photos can be seen on my web page here 1987 Elite Craft Riviera. Jay Montgomery Sebewaing, MI

Forum ID #: 306 What Else but an Elite Craft 12-13-07  Carl Vancio, any time you want to unload your Elite Craft let me know. I’ve been looking for an 88. It would be great if you could post some pictures. please respond soonest. Thanks T.C. Port Charlotte, FL

Forum ID #: 307 Ski Elite 12-18-07  I have an original brochure for the ’87 Ski Elite and it says that the 302 was not even an option on that boat, yet that is what my 1987 Ski Elite has in it. Was that a special option one could get? Wayne FrancePittsford, NY

Forum ID #: 308 Ski Elite 12-23-07  The standard engine for the Ski Elite in 1987 was a 351 so I can only assume that one of the previous owners had to replace the engine and got a good deal on a 302. None were built from the factory with a 302 unless it was a different model. Hope this helps. Dave

Forum ID #: 309 Bow thruster 12-25-07  We plan to install retroactively a bow thruster into our elite craft. Does anybody have experience with such a device on elite craft boats? Dirk Springe Bern, Switzerland

Forum ID #: 310 Bow thruster 1-3-08  One process I worked on for the Riviera was by using a “Japsco” high pressure water transfer pump with two outlets at the bow under the water line on either side of the bow. The intake is from one side of the bow and discharged at high pressure on the other side, thus allowing the bow to be pushed left or right. Hope this helps. Dave

Forum ID #: 311 Instrument 1-18-08  Hello does anybody know where to buy classic white instruments speed, fuel, amp etc. for my Elite Craft (Links). Thanks Lennart Sukapää Finland (Europe)

Forum ID #: 312 Instrument 1-26-08  While the Elite Craft boat line did not offer any white instrumentation from the factory here is a link to a company in Europe that offers classic white marine gauges Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 313 Instrument 1-31-08  What about in states the instruments ( Links) Thanks Lennart Sukapää Finland (Europe)

Forum ID #: 314 Instrument 2-29-08  One option would be to find a dealer through USA VDO and look at there Ocean Line Marine Instruments with the white faces. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 315 Restoration 2-8-08  I just purchased a Elite Craft Riviera 1988 in Cancun, Mexico. It needs a complete restoration. I would need complete information on procedures and materials needed to get the gloss and shine out of the hull and deck. Any source on where to obtain manuals on electrical system and pleasure craft 350 engine would be really helpful. I have a lot of work ahead to get this boat running. Any help on getting parts or sources for them would be appreciated. Thanks for your help. Dino Primatesta Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Forum ID #: 316 Restoration 2-29-08  Congratulations on your purchase of a 1988 Elite Craft Riviera. If you could please send as many pictures as possible of the hull and deck to we can let you know the proper steps to take and where to start to get you finish back looking great. We will be sending you a PDF manual for your 1988 Elite Craft Riviera and for the Pleasure Craft marine engine. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 317 Flaking Clear Coat topside 2-27-08  We are looking for information on the repair of flaking clear coat on a 1990 Elite Craft circa 1990. The fiberglass is in good shape only the clear coat has considerable flaking. Specifically how much sanding can be done with out removing the wood effect on the fiberglass? It this a clear gel coat finish? (After reading the forum, I believe it is) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Alex Jordan Alameda CA

Forum ID #: 318 Flaking Clear Coat topside 3-2-08  The flaking clear coat on the 1990 Elite Craft sounds like a secondary bond of some type of clear coat. The only times I have seen or heard of this is when an Elite Craft has been re-cleared with some type of marine application. This will usually last for a short time. This was probable done due to some fading or at times for an extra measure of protection on the finish. In both cases it is unnecessary and for protection on the finish you just polish and wax as you would any other fiberglass boat or more depending the frequency of the boat in the sun and weather. As for the fading that can usually be brought back by buff compounding and then buff polishing. Wet sanding is necessary in more extreme situations but the grade and starting point depends on the current finish you have a fair amount of gelcoat before you start reaching the wood look. Your first step should be to remove all of the secondary bond and if you need tips on removal please let me know. If you could please send as many pictures as possible of the hull and deck we can let you know the proper steps to take and where to start to get you finish back looking great. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 319 Elite Boats 3-30-08  Hi, My Name is Reb Floyd, I’ve been boating for 30 years now. All Hi Performance boats. Hydrostreams, then moved on to the Baker Tunnels, STV’s, Mirage, Douglas Skater, I have a 21′ Talon with a 2.5 Merc Outboard. I always raced outboards. Running over 100MPH for at least 25 years and Racing with 2 Sanctioned clubs. I don’t race anymore. I stopped in 1996. I still own my 21′ Talon. I saw and had a chance to buy an Elite Craft, actually there were 2, both used, both beautiful. I only had Mercury Outboards and never considered anything but especially running high RPM’s. Be a knowledgeable Racer, Boater and Mechanic The Elite Craft with the inboard doesn’t deter me from buying because that syle of boat looks great with that setup. I’m looking for a used boat and would like you to call me if something comes around. I guess around 1986 was about the time I saw the 2 boats I mentioned. Thank you and here is my information. Reb FloydLancaster, PA

Forum ID #: 320 Elite Boats 3-30-08  Reb Floyd here again. I also ran a Douglas Skater. I really love your boats and there is a Website Scream and Fly that has For Sale and Owners etc. My 21 Talon would sell fast just like my Skater because they are sought after boats. After running 18 to 19 footers people (race) usually like to move up to a great riding hull but still run triple digits. Like I said I’m very interested in buying a Elite Craft, used but well cared for like I cared for mine. Thanks once again, Reb Floyd Lancaster, PA

Forum ID #: 323 Elite Boats 4-10-08  Hello Reb, My name is Jay Montgomery and my 1987 Elite Craft Riviera will be up for sale in about 1 month. 302 4 Barrel Carb. Contact me at for more info. Sincerely, Jay MontgomerySebewaing, MI

Forum ID #: 321 Looking for a Ski Elite 4-2-08  I will be looking for a Elite Craft Ski Boat in the next few months, can you suggest any sites where these boats maybe listed. Thank you for your help and enjoy your website. Chub Vernon, B.C. Canada

Forum ID #: 322 Looking for a Ski Elite 4-5-08  We actually have a member that may soon be placing his 1987 Elite Craft Ski Elite on the market. I will send you his name and E-Mail address. Please send him a message to find out if he is still looking to place his Elite Craft Ski Elite on the market, and please let him know we sent you. I am very pleased that you enjoy the website. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 324 Engines 4-12-08  Hello, I have a Elite Craft from 1988 and I need a new engine for it, the one i have is completely un-useful cause it had been under the water during years. I am interested in buying a used one, cause a new engine from 2007 is 14.000 Euros. if some one can help me please contact me. I’m from Spain. Alejandro Illan Madrid Spain

Forum ID #: 325 Engines 4-23-08  We will be selling engines and many other items soon through the Elite Craft Owners Club website. Please check back often to see when items become available. By the way we will be far less expensive then 14,000 Euros ($21,814.80). Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 326 Evaluating a used Elite Craft 4-23-08  I am considering purchasing an Elite Craft and wonder if there are any specific areas and/or conditions of the hull that should evaluated or mechanical functions that are known to have a higher rate of failure. I am pretty familiar with wood boat construction and issues but not so much with fiberglass and I think the Elite Craft construction may be a little different and a cut above some of the other fiberglass boats. Thanks, Russ

Forum ID #: 327 Evaluating a used Elite Craft 4-25-08  To begin with the Elite Craft boat line always used the best materials available when manufacturing boats and had many custom parts specifically manufactured for Elite Craft. I will explain some of the differences in models over the years. From 1979 to 1987 the bottoms of the 20′ Riviera (from the waterline down) was the semi-V with the flat aft. In 1985 they went from the two piece windshield to a wrap around windshield. In 1986 the deck and boot stripe (waterline stripe) of all models went from marine tape to gelcoat. In 1986 they offered to different seating configurations for the Riviera which was the 2 full seats and an “L” shape seating with a separate drivers seat. In 1987 they added to the Riviera optional seating configuration the split front seat. In 1988 the 20′ Riviera went to a modified V (traditional V bottom) and offered 2 wood grain finishes which was the Pecan (Rich Brown) and Mahogany (Rich Red). The interior options of the Elite Craft’s changed over the years but again always utilizing the best materials available. All Elite Craft’s were limited production but some years were more limited than others. The years of production Elite Craft went from 1979 to 1994. Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding Elite Craft. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 328 Ski Elite, Looking to Buy 6-5-08  Looking for a Ski Elite in good condition to buy. Please respond to Thanks. Stu Sanderson Long Island, New York

Forum ID #: 329 Ski Elite, Looking to Buy 6-6-08  Stu, we will notify you if any Ski Elites become available through the website. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 330 Elite Craft Literature 6-5-08  Looking for Elite Craft Sales and Promotional Literature. Stu Sanderson Long Island, New York

Forum ID #: 331 Elite Craft Literature 6-6-08  We will be placing sales, promotional literature and other Elite Craft information on the website later this year. Thank you, Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 332 Elite Craft Literature 6-30-08  Hello all, my name is Alec Castellano. I am new to the forum and have just recently acquired an Elite Craft Ski Elite. I am new to boating and am very eager to learn all I can. I am unfamiliar with the specifics of the boat but I am hoping you all can help me. The boat is not in terrible condition but it does require restoration. I will upload pictures soon but for now I will describe all that I can. The Fiberglass Gel Coat is excellent just needs buffing in a few spots. The fabric (vinyl?) is faded and molding needs reupholstery. The carpet is consistent with frequent use. The engine has been sitting up for over eight years (Frequent impeller problem). With a lot of cleaning and scrubbing I’ve got the boat looking a lot better. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I know it needs more work. It’s all in the details. I am hoping to get it out on the water by next summer. So any help, suggestions, tips, replacement part information, or just general information about what I am getting myself into is greatly appreciated. I got every weekend free and I want to spend it bringing this beauty back to life.  Alec Castellano  San Antonio, Texas

Forum ID #: 333 Elite Craft Literature 7-4-08  First off congratulations on your acquisition.  The interior was made with the finest marine grade vinyl’s that were available at the time.  With your project it would be helpful to have the year of your boat, pictures and specific questions as they come up.  We look forward to helping and look forward to the pictures.  Thank you, Eric Smith  Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 334 Elite Craft Literature 7-7-08  From the records that I have the Elite Craft is a 1986 Ski Elite. I am unsure where to find the HIN number. As for the history; my father ordered it brand new from the factory back in 1986. It has 154 hours on it and up until 8 years ago we enjoyed it pretty regularly. Basically, my father found a new hobby with having an RV and so now the boat has been neglected. Now that I have grown up and moved out of the house I have taken a sincere interest in the boat and want to get back to enjoying it ASAP. Unfortunately, many of the records have been lost over the years so anything you all can give me is greatly appreciated. I noticed that one of your members is from Austin, Texas. Right now I am in the process of finding a mechanic to have the boat worked on. I live in Austin and would greatly appreciate what ever advice that member could give me on whom to use. My father keeps mentioning a impeller issue with the boat. He says that many times he’d have the impeller fixed and then when out on the water the rubber seal would come lose and the motor would over heat. Granted I am sure that this problem may have been the result of an inexperienced mechanic or I am sure this problem can be easily addressed today. I would like to know if this is a common occurrence.  Alec Castellano  San Antonio, Texas

Forum ID #: 335 Elite Craft Literature 7-11-08  I am happy to hear that the boat is staying within the family.  If you check your registration or title for the boat the HIN (Hull Identification Number) should be on either one of those documents.  With that we can let you know when it was originally shipped from the factory and some other details.  I have not heard of any owners having problems with the impeller outside of the normal replacing which should be annually.  Perhaps other Ski Elite owners out there may be able to share more.  On a side note in there was a 1987 Ski Elite that was shipped out from the factory and put on the Wheel of Fortune show as the grand prize.  Eric Smith  Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 336 Elite Craft Literature 7-15-08  From what I can find the Hull Identification Number is CQASE*****86. I was wondering if I can get any information on who might the club member be who lives in Austin, Texas? I am eager to see if they might give me some advice on who to have my repairs done by.  Alec Castellano  San Antonio, Texas

Forum ID #: 337 Elite Craft Literature 7-17-08  I will send you information on your Ski Elite from when it left the factory.  I will also E-Mail you in regards to the member in Texas you are looking to contact.  Eric Smith  Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 338 Elite Craft Ski Elite 8-12-08  I own a 1989 Ski Elite, and I love it. A good friend of mine bought the boat new. At that  I am 30 years old and asked him when he wanted to sell it to let me know first. I would ask him every year until 2 years ago when he came to see me named his price and I bought it. I am so happy to have this boat, as you can imagine I have the classiest boat on the pond.  Philip Casacalenda West Warwick, RI

Forum ID #: 339 Elite Craft Ski Elite 8-13-08  I am sure you have one of the classiest boats on the lake. That is a wonderful story and thank you for sharing. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 340 Bow Flag Pole 8-12-08  Hello, I have a 1989 Ski Elite and I need a bow flag pole can you help me find what I need please. I am the second owner and I do not know if it should be wood or stainless. Thank you Philip Casacalenda West Warwick, RI

Forum ID #: 341 Bow Flag Pole 8-14-08  The bow flag pole is wood and is actually mahogany.  We will be offering replacement flag poles soon through the Owners Club.  Please check back with us on the the Store link to see when they become available.  Eric Smith Orlando, FL  

Forum ID #: 342 Bow Light 8-12-08  I own a 1989 Ski Elite when I turn my bow light on the boat discharges, I changed my alternator. I own and operate a large auto body repair shop, so I am experienced in electrical troubleshooting. I just wondered if this may have been common and I can eliminate some time.  Philip Casacalenda West Warwick, RI

Forum ID #: 343 Bow Light 8-14-08  If you turn your bow light on when the engine is NOT running it will discharge slightly. That is normal. If it discharges when the engine is running then that is another problem. If the later is true I would look for one of three problems. 1. Look for corrosion on the back of the switch on the dash at the terminals. 2. Bad ground at back of dash. Or 3. Look for a bad ground at alternator. I believe you have already changed the alternator. Most electrical problems on a boat are caused by the damp atmosphere in a boat which causes corrosion. I am not saying that it is definitely one of these, just that it is most likely. Dave

Forum ID #: 344 Shaft Leak 9-3-08  I am the proud owner of a 1988 Riviera. This is our third season with the boat, it has the 302 Ford motor (I think) and is in great condition. During the past few trips out on the boat I have notice water getting into the engine compartment from underneath the boat. After careful inspection I do not see any cracked hoses or leaks, has anyone else experienced this problem. Could it be the fitting around the shaft or rudder? Chris Austin Laurel, NY

Forum ID #: 345 Shaft Leak 9-3-08  Almost always it is the shaft log. That sometimes can be fixed by tightening the shaft log nut on the shaft. If this does not fix it then the stuffing box needs to be repacked. If this is done while the boat is in the water the shaft log will leak like crazy when you undo the shaft log nut. Here is a good link on Servicing your Stuffing Box . I would recommend using a Marina that is good at working on straight inboards if you do not feel comfortable in doing the work yourself. Dave 

Forum ID #: 346 Shaft Leak 9-5-08  Dave, thanks for the help. I will look into this and see if I can find out what needs to be done. Also, I currently trailer my boat and was interested in getting a cover that would protect the boat year round from the elements. Something that extends down to the trailer all the way around. Does anyone have any idea who makes custom covers for Elite Crafts? Chris Austin Laurel, NY

Forum ID #: 347 Shaft Leak 9-6-08  The owners club will be offering custom covers for your Elite Craft later this year.  Please check back with us on the the Store link to see when they become available. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 348 Wow, nice site 9-6-08  I must say that this new look is great! Way to go…the beauty of these boats are now clearly reflected into the redesign of this Owners Club Site. Jay Montgomery Sebewaing, MI

Forum ID #: 349 Shaft Leak 9-6-08  Thank you, we have been working with a very talented web designer and are very impressed with the results. We have received many compliments on the website redesign. Thank you again, Eric SmithOrlando, FL  

Forum ID #: 350 Trim Tabs 9-12-08  A friend owns a 20′ 1980 Riviera and he is the first owner of the boat. Since he has owned the boat at 3000 rpm the bow rises rapidly and then dives deep until it starts to pop up and rise again. This occurs on flat water as well as choppy surface. He has lived with the situation all this time, but is now considering selling the boat and would like to fix the problem. Have you run across this issue and is there a solution. On other boats I have installed trim tabs, but the transom spray rail is in the way. Do you have any ideas? Thanks Gil Maringer Akron, Ohio

Forum ID #: 351 Trim Tabs 9-12-08 First, it sounds like an engine problem. Does the rpm fall off at the 3000 rpm mark or slow down thus causing the bow to go down? If the engine stays at the same rpm,3000, and this happens, then the problem is on the bottom of the boat. I don’t think that I have enough information to make a good judgment call yet. However if the problem is on the bottom of the boat a “shim” or hook at the last 6 inches of the bottom to the transom might help to get the bow over and hold it there. I understand the problem with the trim tabs. Sometimes a bottom extension or permanent tab is helpful. Dave

Forum ID #: 352 Teleflex Steering Cable 9-16-08 I am looking to replace the Teleflex Cable on my 1988 Elite Craft Riviera. Does anyone happen to know what the correct length of the cable is? Also, is it easier to take the cable out from the stern or the bow and pull the new one through? Any help would be much appreciated. Chris Austin Laurel, NY

Forum ID #: 353 Teleflex Steering Cable 9-17-08 You can disconnect the steering cable from the back of the steering wheel and at the top of the rudder arm. Then pull it out through either the engine compartment or behind the dash.  I would think pulling the cable out from behind the dash would work and attach a piece of rope to the opposite end you are pulling from. After removing the original steering cable you can measure it and then order the correct length of new Teleflex steering cable. Then just attach the new cable to the rope end, pull it through and reattach. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 354 Teleflex Steering Cable 9-23-08 I successfully replaced the Teleflex cable this past weekend.  The length is 23ft cable, and I added the new Quick Connect system to the helm. The cable was about $145. There is only one way to take the cable out and run the new one through.  To remove the old cable it has to come out from the Stern due to the solid metal shaft at the end (which will not bend to come out in the bow).  To run the new cable through, feed it through the stern until it reached the bow.  All in all it took me about 3 hours. Chris Austin Laurel, NY

 Forum ID #: 355 Teleflex Steering Cable 9-23-08 Thank you very much for the update. This will be very helpful to other owners out there. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 356 Re-powering 9-30-08 I have a Elite Craft, Ski Elite. When I got the boat it did not have a motor in it. There was however engine parts inside of it. From the parts we determine the engine was a ford 351. I am in the process for rebuilding a 1968 Chris Craft 327 with a 1 to 1 transmission for the boat. My auto garage people are telling me I should go back with the original engine because switching the motor will decrease the value and they think it should be as close to original as possible. Would like to know your thoughts. I, like other Elite Craft boat owners, would like as much information my Elite Craft, Ski Elite as possible my HIN# is ( COASE0049I788 ). Web sight is great and thanks for all your help! Greg Platt Louisville, KY

Forum ID #: 357 Re-powering 10-2-08 Congratulations, I look forward to seeing pictures.  Could you please verify your HIN number for me from your title or registration?  It should start with “CQASE”  and be 12 characters long.  After that I will hopefully be able to provide you with more information.  There are two schools of thought when it comes to repowering an Elite Craft, one is to go with an OEM engine (rebuild or repower with the same) and the other is to go with something new. Your auto garage people brought up a very good point with staying with an OEM engine application.  As for the value decreasing that can depend on the buyer, most buyers of Elite Craft like to see the boat in OEM appearance but when it comes to engines that truly comes down to the buyer and what he or she is looking for.  The Elite Craft boat line offered different standard and optional engine packages on there model lines over the years.   While buyers of an Elite Craft may look for a particular model, finish, year or year range I have never come across one looking for a particular engine package but on the same note I have also never come across an Elite Craft that was repowered with an engine older than the boat itself.  I would think that it would have negative affect on the overall value of the boat as opposed to using an OEM engine, newer or new engine.  The original transmission for your boat should be a Velvet drive with a 1:1 ratio. Thank you for the compliment on the site! Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 358 Convertible Top 1-3-09  I am not an owner of an Elite Craft yet but am actively seeking one out.  I noticed in one of the Gallery Photos that you show an elite craft Riv with a convertible top.  Any idea from where this was purchased, fabricated and/or installed? Douglas Bolen  Vancouver, British Columbia

Forum ID #: 359 Convertible Top 1-3-09 There were a few convertible tops done at the factory and I believe the picture you are looking at is of a 1986 Riviera in Finland. Any Elite Craft and be retrofitted with a convertible top and very few left the factory with one. We can assist with any qualified marine convertible top shop to manufacturer one specifically for your Elite Craft. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 360 Rear flag/light pole 6-17-09 Hi, I just purchased a 1988 Riviera. The boat is wonderful in terms of the quality of construction, the ride, etc. I have only been out twice so far, and thus need a little more time before offering other comments. Currently the stern flag pole looks like a replacement. In looking at the photo gallery I noticed that many of the Rivieras have a rear flag/light pole. On the inside of the boat the flag pole socket has two wires going to it. One in the middle, the other to the side. There is also a channel or slot in the flag pole socket facing the rear. I noticed in one other forum submission something about a single or double point socket. I would like to obtain a new flag/light pole and was looking for suggestions for sources and for the type of electrical connection that I have. Also, as I recall the bow light is the “navigation light” on the instrument panel. I assume the light in the stern flag/light pole is turned on with the same switch, the “Anchor” light. Does the “all” switch on the instrument panel allow for both the bow and stern lights to be on at the same time??? Or, is there another way to have both on for night operation? Great boat. I am looking forward to the store opening. Richard Crandall, Cedarville, MI

Forum ID #: 361 Rear flag/light pole 6-18-09 Congratulations on owning an Elite Craft a very rare and beautiful boat. Could you please E-Mail pictures in of the boat and let us know the previous owner of the boat? Also could you please send us your HIN number, which is located on your title, registration, or on the transom of the boat. We can let you know when the boat was shipped from the factory, the original dealer or owner it went to and the original engine it was equipped with. We would like to welcome to the Elite Craft Owners Club which you are now a member of. As for you stern flag pole I will E-Mail you a link of one that should work. I have also attached below an image of the 1988 Elite Craft Riviera Instrument Panel with a full description and should answer all of your questions. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. Again congratulations and thank you, Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 362 Question about engine in Elite Craft Sportsman 8-14-09 First of all, Hello I am from Holland, I can buy an Elite Craft Sportsman (Ski Elite with two banks) which is equipped with a MerCruiser 350HP, is this original ? Built in 1989.
Also would like to know how much it is worth and the dimensions of the boat looks great, interior nice, boat top speed approx 50-55mph?  Paul Gijssen Holland

Forum ID #: 363 Question about engine in Elite Craft Sportsman 8-14-09 The Elite Craft Sportsman was built in 1989 among other production years for that model. Based on past sales in the states of this model I would say it is worth from anywhere $16K to $26K+ based on hours and condition. The max speed leaving the factory was rated at 40+.I hope this helps and look forward to hearing back. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 364 Interested in a Riviera for purchase 8-16-09 I am interested in a Riviera for purchase, could you offer any advice on where I could find any for sale thanks. Scott Kelso Annapolis, MD

Forum ID #: 365 Interested in a Riviera for purchase 8-17-09 Please check For Sale section of our website and click on Elite Craft. Thank you, Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 366 1986 Ski Elite 8-21-09 Seriously considering the purchase of a 1986 Ski Elite. I am going through the inspection process now and would welcome some guidance as to any issues that I should be focusing on. Also, I would like to find available information about the design, construction and technical specification of this boat. Thanks for any help offered. Peter Austen Radnor, PA

Forum ID #: 367 1986 Ski Elite 8-25-09 If you could please send me the HIN I can let you know some of the specifics on the boat when it left the factory. I can also provide technical information on your boat but I am unfortunately out of town and will not have access to it all before the beginning of next week. There is no issues with the 1986 Elite Craft Ski Elite that you should be aware of or focusing on. Thank you, Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 368 For Sale 9-2-09 I have a 1988 Elite Craft in Excellent condition with 117 actual hours – Would like to know how to advertise For Sale with your Club. Skip Halbakken Discovery Bay, CA

Forum ID #: 369 For Sale 9-2-09  What is the HIN (Hull Identification Number)? We have the most sold Elite Crafts of any single place! When searching for “Elite Craft” in Google, Yahoo or MSN we are at the very top. We charge a onetime fee which places your ad on the site. All potential buyers will be sent to you, the ad will stay up until the boat is sold or you decide to keep your Elite Craft and have the ad down taken down. We also have the most Elite Crafts available for sale of any one place. If you compare us to other classic boat sites we are the very best when it comes to selling your Elite Craft. Some charge 10% of the price of the boat or charge a net price difference for example if you wanted 35K for your boat and they get 40K they keep the difference of $5,000. Others operate on a 10% commission and a $1500 minimum. These are a few examples of sites that specialize in rare and classic boats. In terms of what your boat may be worth that depends on year, model, condition, maintenance, hours, trailer and so on. I will E-Mail you the breakdown of the onetime seller fees  based on starting advertised selling price. Thank you, Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 370 RPM Reading 9-3-09 I just purchased an ’88 Riviera from Larry Phillips in Lakeside, MT. Larry graciously allowed me to test out the boat for a week and being impressed and thrilled I bought her. She runs beautifully and there in lies a question. Several of the instruments are not working but have noted in the Forum the suggestion that the contacts might need cleaning which, is being done. However, I do have a question. The RPM gauge is working but seems to be reading low. I have the 305 ford engine with direct drive. The boat gets up and goes vigorously and planes nicely but at 2000 RPM. She will increase in speed but when at full throttle shows only 2600. she is flying at that setting but since my speedometer is not working I can’t tell you how fast. Is this a normal RPM for the Riviera ? I would enjoy talking to you. My phone is ***-***-****. Thanks…….. Michael Barry Lakeside, MT

Forum ID #: 371 RPM Reading 9-9-09 I very happy to read how much you enjoy your new 88 Riviera. I will give you call on the phone number you provided. Thank you, Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 376 RPM Reading 9-14-09  At top end that engine should be reading around 4,000 rpm. You could have a bad tachometer or pick up. Either way that is not a correct reading. I would address the contacts again and make sure that is not the problem. Dave

Forum ID #: 372 Steering 9-5-09 Just bought my 2nd Riviera! My first was a 1988; should never have sold it! This is a 1990 and I drove from Florida to northern CA to pick it up and tow it back! I need to get more rudder travel, only getting maybe 20 degrees each way, but not sure how to approach this. She is very hard to control at idle. Anyone else face this problem? Bill Waller Jupiter, FL

Forum ID #: 373 Steering 9-9-09 Your previous 1988 Elite Craft Riviera that is on the home page of the website on the beach looks great!  I will pass your steering issue along but perhaps one of the other owners out there has experience with this problem that can leave feedback.  Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 377 Steering 9-14-09 This sounds like there is restriction in the cable that controls the rudder.
Sometimes someone put restrictions on both sides to compensate for OVER rudder travel. Maybe the previous owner did this. If you have over rudder travel it can cause serious handling problems. It is like over steering in a car. Dave

Forum ID #: 374 Repair hull softness around prop, its a 1987 Riviera 9-6-09 I think I need a hull repair is that possible and is it very expensive? Also this is typically done by what kind of shop? Any one looking to sell a Elite Craft please advise. Richard Bowman Westhampton Beach, NY

Forum ID #: 375 Repair hull softness around prop, its a 1987 Riviera 9-9-09 How big is the area around the prop and have you had any professional looks at this yet? Also has the bottom of the boat had any damage around this area? Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 378 Repair hull softness around prop, its a 1987 Riviera 9-14-09 This sounds like that area is all dry rot. That means the end-grain balsa somehow got water logged in that area and left untreated which allowed the core material to be exposed to water and air thus the dry rot. To fix he mush cut out the dry rot area. Cut it back to where it is not soft. Then replace the end-grain balsa and re-glass over the repair on both sides. It would be best to have a professional fiberglass person that is qualified to make this repair. Dave

Forum ID #: 379 Windshield 10-20-09 I recently bought a 1988 Riviera on which the windshield is missing.  Who knows where I can find another one? Marco Tagliavini Interlaken Switzerland

Forum ID #: 380 Windshield 10-20-09 We are actually working with a few companies to recreate the tooling and look of the OEM windshield.  I will let you know when we start to offer the windshield.  The Elite Craft boat line was one of the first boat manufacturers to offer a full wrap around windshield.  The R&D and tooling spent to develop the windshield back in 1984 by the company was over $100,000 back then. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 381 Looking for an Elite Craft in the Midwest 11-12-09 I have been looking for an Elite Craft Riviera for sometime now.  It appears that most are located on the east or west coasts.  I live in the Kansas City area and would appreciate any information on Riviera’s for sale within a 750 mile radius of Kansas City.  Thanks for your time and help. Steve Renz Leawood, Kansas

Forum ID #: 382 Looking for an Elite Craft in the Midwest 11-12-09 We will let you know if we come across any Elite Crafts in the Midwest.  Hopefully if anyone else runs across one they will post it here. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 383 Looking for an Elite Craft in the Midwest 11-16-09 Steve, Looks like you can have a new boat made, with new power and drive line, and all the creature comforts of a new Riviera. The new, enhanced wood grain, the works.. Contact Eric Smith for details… I’m sure delivery to your door can be worked out…Dave Dorsen Chicago, IL

Forum ID #: 384 Looking for an Elite Craft in the Midwest 11-17-09 Dave, thank you for the endorsement. Anyone interested in a new Elite Craft can contact for more information on the new Elite Craft line. Thank you, Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 385 Production & cost 12-6-09 When do you plan to start production of the 20′ Riviera? What will the cost new. Any options to be offered. Fred Dower Cary, NC

Forum ID #: 386 Production & cost 12-7-09 Fred, a sales person from Classic Era Boat Works will be contacting you with more information on the new Riviera. Thank you, Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 389 1986 – 18′ Ski Elite 3-14-10 I purchased a 1986 Ski Elite, CQASE (003A686) about a year ago and hoping you will be able to answer some questions for me. The boat is in really bad shape. I haven’t been able to locate where the battery is supposed to be, the wiring is non existent, the motor is just a pile of junk. Can you please tell me if the exhaust manifolds have risers or are they the log type? I will greatly appreciate any suggestions. Larry Shimkus Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Forum ID #: 390 Windshield gasket 3-15-10 I am rebuilding a 1986 Riviera with the wrap around windshield. I am looking to source the rubber gasket material between the Plexi windscreen and the aluminum frame. Can anyone suggest where to source the material? Cromwell Littlejohn Plantation, FL

Forum ID #: 391 Manufacture 3-17-10 Hello everybody! I just bought a 1980 Riviera Elite Craft. The boat its in poor condition and I want to restore it to the original state. I’m looking for a manufacture or any place to buy parts . Thanks so much! Joe Russo Lindenhurst, NY

Forum ID #: 392 Looking at buying a 1981 Riviera 3-31-10  I am looking at buying a 1981 Riviera . I will be traveling a 5 hr. trip to look at it . Is there any special problems I should be concerned about. I t has a 350 ford Windsor engine. I love the looks and be able to just drop it in and go. Any help would be very much appreciated. Mike Gardner Bluffton, SC

Forum ID #: 393 Looking at buying a 1981 Riviera 4-1-10 The Elite Craft boat line always strived to create the finest boats possible in terms materials, processes and production.  The Riviera you are going to be looking at is of the first generation of  Riviera’s.  The 1981 model year was a very good production year and would recommend looking into the normal areas of any boat of this era but primarily the engine, electrical connections and stringer system.  Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 394 Replacing the Impeller in a 1988 Riviera 4-12-10 I took my 1988 Riviera in for a spring service and the dealer told me he was going to have to pull the engine in order to get at the impeller..  Anyone have any insight on how to change one with our major surgery? Paul Burke Laconia, NH

Forum ID #: 395 Replacing the Impeller in a 1988 Riviera 4-13-10 I am sorry to hear of the problem you are having.  One of my Elite Craft’s had an Indmar 350 engine in it.  The location of this particular engine next to the bulkhead required an access hatch to be put in to service/replace the impeller.  This location would be located behind your back seat at the approximate height of the impeller. This has only been the case on one of me Elite Craft’s again with this particular engine. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 396 Riviera Seats 5-18-10 Looking for help. I recently purchased a 1980 Elite Craft 20 foot Riviera. I have to make frames for the seats , does anyone have pictures of the frames and how they are mounted to the floor? Please call Joe at 631 225-2834 or E-Mail Joe Russo Lindenhurst NY

Forum ID #: 397 New Purchase 1990 Riviera 5-25-10  Hey everyone, I just purchased a 1990 elite craft Riviera, the boat is pristine condition, I am about to take delivery, is there is anything special I should know? it has the blue water MerCruiser engine (350).  one thing I was wondering in particular, I have seen shaved emblems on a few boats, are there screws holding the nameplate to the skin? if so I guess these people did some gelcoat work to repair the mount points? I just like the clean look…anyway, learned a lot here so far, thanks in advance. Sandy Squitieri Sarasota FL

Forum ID #: 398 New Purchase 1990 Riviera 5-25-10 Congratulations on your 1990 Elite Craft Riviera!  The Elite Craft name script is screwed into the rear quarter of the boat with stainless steel screws.   We look forward to seeing pictures of your Elite Craft after you take delivery.  Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 399 1981 Elite Riviera 6-4-10 Hi, I am the new owner of a 1981 Riviera. I am really thrilled to find your site. I bought boat, and have only seen pictures of the boat, but can already see lots of  work to bring it back to good condition. I have several wood boats, but this my first Elite. I have always admired Rivieras from afar, and now I have one. Love the Forum, and already gotten lots of good info. Thanks, Lucky Miner Seguin, TX

Forum ID #: 400 1981 Elite Riviera 6-4-10 Congratulations on your new acquisition! We would love to see pictures after you take delivery.  I am very happy to read that you have always admired Riviera’s and that your are enjoying the forum as well!  Great to have you on board. Thank you, Eric smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 401 Driveshaft 6-14-10 I will be replacing the driveshaft packing due to age (1980 Riviera, ELUIAACCM80IC). Is there anything special I need to know? Ken Boca Raton, FL

Forum ID #: 407 Driveshaft 6-26-10 You can go to any Marine store and get stuffing compound in a can. It looks like 1/8 inch twine saturated with grease or a petroleum base product. He must unscrew the nut on the shaft  that is holding the stuffing on the shaft to the shaft log, take the old dried out material out and replace it with the new. He must wrap it according to directions and then re-screw the nut back on the shaft log. Tighten it down and check for leaks. Hope this helps, Dave

Forum ID #: 402 Planning on buying Ski Elite that is in poor shape 6-15-10 Hello, I hope to become an active member of this forum. I am planning on buying a ski elite that is in rough shape. It has been neglected for years and will require a lot of work. (Left uncovered for 6+ years) Most of the restoration will be typical ‘boat’ stuff. My question concerns the topsides as I have never worked with restoring a finish like this. Can badly exposed Elite Craft topsides be brought back – either thru wet sanding or covering with a clear epoxy? Peter Mrozinski Lincoln University, PA

Forum ID #: 408 Planning on buying Ski Elite that is in poor shape 6-26-10  Can you send pictures with Forum ID#: 402 in the subject line.  Please send as many pictures as possible but please sendclose ups of the areas of most concern. Thank you, Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 403 Replacement Windshield 6-25-10 I need to find a replacement windshield for my Elite Craft.  Does anyone know where I could find one? Drew Lichtenheldt Ontario Canada

Forum ID #: 404 Replacement Windshield 6-26-10 What year and model Elite Craft do you own? Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 405 Took delivery of my 1990 Riviera 6-26-10 Well, I took delivery of my 1990 Riviera and it is beyond amazing! I am not sure how to post pics here so I cant share right at the moment..  the sound is incredible, smooth and mellow and just the feel of the boat is comfortable yet exciting. Like a wrap around rocket!  I have had much larger and more powerful boats, but this one has soul that i just can’t describe. Sandy Squitieri Sarasota, FL

Forum ID #: 406 Took delivery of my 1990 Riviera 6-26-10 We love to hear or read such praise for the Elite Craft boats!  Please E-Mail pictures into with Forum ID#: 405 in the subject and will post your pictures with your forum submission.  Again thank you very much for sharing! Eric Smith Orlando FL

Forum ID #: 407 MerCruiser-which carb for which horsepower 7-23-10 In a prior forum question you stated that the MerCruiser (350 cubic inch) delivered between 260 to 275 horsepower depending on the carb.  Do you have the numbers for which carb delivered which horsepower?  The Riviera I am looking at has a MerCruiser 350 cubic inch (1991).  It supposedly is 260 horsepower.  I would like to verify that.  If I wanted to change carbs to get 275 horsepower is that the only change?  Is it a simple swap?  Are these carbs still available?  Any recommended source?  Any guess’s as to cost? Gary Glick Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Forum ID #: 408 MerCruiser-which carb for which horsepower 7-23-10 I am not aware of the numbers for which carb delivered which horsepower.  But I did just got off of the phone with Jack Chamberlain who’s company was one of the original engine supplier’s for Elite Craft.  He would be more than happy to help, please give him a call at 1-800-262-2929. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 409 Ski Elite Restoration 8-2-10 Hello all, I have begun the restoration of my ’88 Ski Elite. All interior seating has been removed, all bright work and deck fittings, windshield, etc. I have also begun a minor restoration on the engine – a Commander 300 Ford Windsor 351. I have two main questions at this time:1. My windshield is not original as it is made of tinted Plexiglass – or some similar plastic material. the windshield is ‘crazed?’ – it has lots of small ‘cracks’ that all run in the same direction. It is usable in its present condition but i will probably replace it since i already have it off the boat. Which brings me to my question – does anyone know where i can get the deck to windshield gasket and the special bolts used? A few of the bolts broke, the rest were rusty, and the gasket is toast. (BTW – whoever thought it was a good idea to use square head nuts and bolts 4X longer than needed should be poked with a spork.) 2. My deck was ‘severely’ oxidized from years left exposed. By wet sanding and compounding i have achieved a nice shiny, smooth finish. However, the color is not what it was. It seems as if the ‘wood’ has lost most of it’s red color – which is visible from where i removed the deck fittings. Have i just not removed enough of the clear coat or will i have to reconcile myself with a two-tone boat? Excited about my project!!!! Peter Mrozinski Kennett Square, PA

Forum ID #: 410 Ski Elite Restoration 8-11-10 To Peter per your ’88 Ski Elite Restoration.  I have an ’88 Ski Elite myself…all original.  I’d be glad to send any pics I have to you if it will help any way.  I’ve done some work on mine over the years…all mechanical & electrical, but don’t have any answers to your windshield questions.  However, I have a windshield issue myself, and am interested in replacement including the gasket and mounting hardware.  I’m sure Eric will have some input about locating your needs. Bill Siebenaler Whitefish, MT

Forum ID #: 411 Ski Elite Restoration 8-13-10 Hello Bill, Thank you for your reply and offer of pics. I have been taking quite a few as I go with the hope that I will be able to put it all back together again. I will let you know how the windshield replacement goes – there seems to be quite a few postings here about it. While the bolts do have an unusual head to fit in the frame’s channel I believe I could find a standard hex head that would fit. While a real replacement gasket would be ideal I believe something off the shelf would work as well. I have found some engine manuals for the 351 Windsor by searching the web but nothing specific to the Commander – do you have a Commander manual? Peter Mrozinski Kennett Square, PA

Forum ID #: 412 Ski Elite Restoration 8-14-10 Peter…sorry for the delay in getting back with you.  I don’t have a manual for the 351 Commander…I forgot to mention to you that my Ski Elite has the GM 5.7 (350).  It’s a wonderful engine, as I’m sure the 351 is.  My father was always a 351 person…and I’ve heard great things about that motor.  It would be great to see some pics of your project.  I am a 48 yr old that’s truly blessed to have run across my Elite Craft by accident back in ’95, when it only had 18 hours on it.  I’ve used it as a family boat, but have really tried to keep it nice…and it was only recently when I realized what I really had…a true piece of art.  It was always special to me though.  I have a few issues that eventually, as time & money allows, that I will be able to resolve.  Thanks for the info on the Windshield.   I had one of my speedometer “Airguide Pitot’s” on the back of the boat break off right at the point where the hose attaches…and I just ordered two new replacements on line.  My windshield came loose several years ago from the deck, and some air got in between the glass layers on the left side towards the bottom (hard to notice from a distance), so eventually I would like to replace.  What you are doing is a dream of mine…some type of restoration, etc on something, some day, when I have a place again with space etc to accomplish it…and now, since becoming aware of the Elite Craft Club, I hope that I’m able to do that on another old Elite Craft boat that I find some day.  I truly feel that there’s a remedy…whether original or close to original…when it comes to fixing or putting something back together.  It will be a great day when you see your boat float I’m sure…good luck!! Bill Siebenaler Whitefish, MT

Forum ID #: 413 Ski Elite Restoration 8-26-10 Hello again Bill, No worries – I have found some online manuals for the Ford 351 Windsor in marine applications and they will serve me for now. Once I establish that the engine runs I will be doing a minor overhaul and getting it looking nice. I will have lots of pictures and plan on posting them here once i am near the completion of the project. I also was extremely luck to have run across my Ski Elite – it was exactly what i was looking for without knowing that Elite Craft existed. I am a little younger than you but have restored a few boats including an all wood center consol that I sold to purchase my Ski Elite (for $7K with trailer!). Once restored it will be our tow boat on Lake Wallenpaupack in the Poconos, PA. I am really looking forward to next summer – it will be a busy off season in my shed. Now that I am familiar with Elite Craft thru this site I hope to one day own a ‘Riviera style’ Elite Craft. Hopefully it will not require the level of restoration that my Ski Elite does. I hope to hear back from someone about my question on the faded color of my topsides – I do not want to keep compounding and wet sanding if it will achieve nothing. Cheers, Peter Mrozinski Kennett Square, PA

Forum ID #: 414 Ski Elite Restoration 8-26-10 Peter please send in close-up pictures of the deck and areas of concern with the faded color, I will do my best to steer you in the right direction. I am very happy to see other owners out there sharing there stories, experiences and knowledge on Elite Craft. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 415 Finishing Touches on my Trim Tabs 8-26-10 I am putting the finishing touches on my trim tab installation and will post pics soon. We had a set of custom Lenco tabs in high polish made for this boat. I feel it will help greatly. Also installing an electric hatch actuator so that heavy hatch can be lifted with a touch of a button or remote…Sandy Squitieri Sarasota, FL

Forum ID #: 418 Straightening up an Elite Craft 9-28-10 Here is a great article written about Sandy’s 1990 Elite Craft Riviera regarding the custom installation of trim tabs, please click here. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 419 Straightening up an Elite Craft Part 2 10-2-10 Here is part 2 of a great article written about Sandy’s 1990 Elite Craft Riviera regarding the custom installation of trim tabs, please click here. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 420 Spray Rail 10-5-10 I own a 1980 Riviera which sits outside my house on the River Thames in Henley on Thames, about 50 miles from London. I am sure that you will wince when I tell you that I took out and sold on the Crusader, added a keel and a 4kw electric engine and it all works a dream. Much admired is my “Miss Molly”. Trouble is that she sits in the water about 8 months of the year and the wooden spray rails get pretty ugly very quickly.  I have tried many coats of the right gloss varnish on totally dry wood but it always happens. Was there ever a fiberglass version of this addition? Look forward to any help. Incidentally, you will find my boat, in a previous incarnation, with maroon seats, flying a Canadian flag in your gallery. Henry Fletcher Henley on Thames UK

Forum ID #: 421 Spray Rail 10-7-10 Please send in updated pictures of your Elite Craft Riviera when you get a chance .  I would very much like to know more specifics on the electric engine you put in with details on top speed, cruising speed, battery life and weight difference with the removing of the gas engine for the electric engine and batteries?  The Riviera’s built from 1979 up to 1983 had wood splash rails while the 1985 and up Riviera’s had the matching wood grained fiberglass splash rails.  We will be offering in the future replacement splash rails done in same fiberglass wood grain as the original Elite Craft’s.  Please check back on the store page of the website in the future.  Thank you, Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 422 Spray Rail 10-24-10 Thanks for this Eric. You have a customer for the spry rails. If you get a chance – let me know.  The conversion to electric was because our speed limit is 7mph – not good for V8s and anyway in the non-tidal waters where we live electric propulsion is great. The engine is a  4kw “Best Motor” from Modena in Italy. The weight of the Crusader, tank etc seems to have been the equivalent of the charger, 8 batteries and the Motor because she lies pretty well as she did originally and has not needed any ballast. An overnight charge from the bank side supply lasts up to 6 hrs at around 4-5 knots. She is outside our house so that works fine.   I will get some photos over soon. Thanks. Henry

Forum ID #: 423 Spray Rail 11-12-10 Well its a long story, but I finally have myself a great boat! Once owned by a business owner who kept this special craft in one of his warehouses. It has 15 hours of use, stainless is in flawless condition as well as interior and carpeting. The boat was purchased along with injection molds for my company, so the boat was sent down in a full truck load surrounded by steel blocks. When the truck arrived, we find that the boat had hit a steel mold several times damaging the port side of the hull. Amazing how incompetent some people are… a trailer on wheels, inside of a truck, traveling over 2,500 miles, unsecured. Lucky the beauty of the wood grain finish was not damaged. Just the white line that wraps around and some under the the boat.  I have pictures of the damage and of the boat. I’ll have to take it in for repair, but I’d like to know if anyone knows the color code for the white and the bottom paint, and if there are any suggestions to what should be done. The boat is beautiful, but since the engine hasn’t been started in about 5 years I don’t know where to start. It has a 351 Pleasurecraft engine. I don’t have a manual or anything else, the title couldn’t even be found. Could a manual be purchased? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Look forward to being a long time owner. Johnathan Miller Miami, FL

Forum ID #: 424 Spray Rail 12-12-10 hello Johnathan, I have the Ski Elite – purchased this summer as a major project boat. I currently have the entire interior removed and the engine has had everything removed for a painting – i hope to include pictures here if I can figure it out.To answer your question about manuals – I have done quite a bit of searching and if they exist (for the Commander 351) they are not easy to find. What I have discovered is that they seemed to have used very common accessories when marinizing the Ford 351 Windsor engine. I have had great luck replacing such things as: alternator, starter, distributor, fuel pump, pulleys, valve covers, pulley brackets, etc – with easily purchased models made for the 351 Windsor. This was a very common engine used in inboard ski boats of this time. I have downloaded manuals for the 351 Windsor and manuals from Pleasurecraft, Ski Nautique, and other inboard ski manufacturers of the late 80’s. These have been very useful and given me the confidence to take this engine apart – something i have never done! This boat was left uncovered for ~7 years here in the land of sun and snow – there was a small tree growing in it! I changed the fluids and plugs in the engine, plumbed in some fresh gas and it started right up. I would do the same for yours as I am sure it is in fine shape. You know not to run it for long without hooking cooling water up to it. Well, it looks like I cannot download pics – I will email them to Eric. Peter Mrozinski Lincoln University

Forum ID #: 425 Exhaust Hose Question 1-3-11 Hello, I am still working on my Ski Elite ‘Rehab’. I am replacing the exhaust hoses and i found a couple of interesting things:1. There was a plastic tube connector on each exhaust hose. It was in the same place on both sides – five feet from the transom. I suspect it was just because the hose they had was in five foot sections (my replacement hose is one piece @ seven feet) – but if anyone knows why I should have that connector in there please let me know. 2. There was a fiberglass ‘baffle’ on one of the exhaust hoses – right up against the transom thru-hull. I am curious as to why there was only one – it seems to be a muffler. Could the other one have disintegrated? Hopefully someone else out there has worked on their exhaust hoses. I still can’t seem to post pictures. Peter Mrozinski Lincoln University

Forum ID #: 426 Forum Pictures Posted 1-14-11 For any pictures anyone would like to have posted on the forum please E-Mail them to with the “forum ID # and number” in the subject line. Thank you, Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 427 Please give me a call 1-26-11 Eric please give me a call. Thanks Leo Wolfe ***-***-**** cell. Leo Wolfe Beaver Falls, PA

Forum ID #: 428 1989 Elite Craft Windshield 3-7-11 Hello Eric, We have  years 1989 Elite Craft. The boat is very nice and condition is good. The problem is that our windshield is broken. Do you know where we can buy a new one and what is the price? And how much it cost to send to Finland? Yours, Kari Rekko Helsinki Finland

Forum ID #: 429 1989 Elite Craft Windshield 3-8-11 Could you please let me know what model Elite Craft you have?  Thank you, Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 430 1989 Elite Craft Windshield 3-20-11 My Elite crafts model is Riviera and the hull number is ******50K889. Do you have original boat manual or copy? My engine is Pleasurecraft Ford 302. Kari Rekko Helsinki Finland

Forum ID #: 431 1989 Elite Craft Windshield 3-20-11 Your boat was shipped from the factory on 12/19/1988 with a PCM 302 engine.  It was shipped to a dealer Impex Marine/Annapolis, MD and the first owner location was Finland.  I am E-Mailing you a manual for your Elite Craft Riviera.  As for the windshield I would recommend having it duplicated in Lexan or Plesiglass.  The cost of the glass would be about $1500 US without shipping.  You would need to have your original glass removed from the frame and this new piece installed.  If you would like more information on this solution please let me know.  Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 434 1989 Elite Craft Windshield 5-1-11 Hi Kari, I live in Stockholm Sweden, my Rivera has a cracked windshield and in the corner there is a small sticker barley readable but it seems that the windshield is from a company in Finland! I can’t make out all letters but the company name is AUTOLASTI…  ERIKOISTI…  something and located in  Tamerfors, Finland   and the phone number is 431-30950.  If that doesn’t work there is a company in Stockholm that can make you a Lexan windshield for approx. € 250 /  $ 400  My boat has hull number CQAMRO 49 K 889, I bought it five years ago  in New York and shipped her to Sweden but it seems that she has been registered in Germany before, so this Rivera has crossed the Atlantic Ocean at least four times. Eric, would it be possible for you to mail me a copy of the owners manual? Nils Jensen Helsinki Finland

Forum ID #: 435 1989 Elite Craft Windshield 5-14-11 Nils, great leg work on the windshield, is there anywhere that shows “Safety Glass” on your current windshield?  I have E-Mailed you a copy of the manual for your Riviera, please let me know if you need anything else. Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 432 Gelcoat 3-22-11 I just picked up my 1981 Riviera, and now the renovation begins. The most pressing issue is the finish above the rub rail. It has delaminated in places, and has cracks in the clear, and some look like they go thru the wood layer. Any help on this would be much appreciated.  Lucky Miner Seguin

Forum ID #: 433 Gelcoat 3-28-11 Congratulations on your purchase!  As to the renovation start I would like to have you send pictures (with good close ups) to with forum ID # 432.  From there we will post the pictures and give you some recommendations on starting points.  Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 436 What engine should I use for my Elite Craft Riviera 5-15-11 I just purchased the hull of an Elite Craft Riviera, I am restoring it and I would like to know which type an motor and transmission should I use that best fits my needs. Hope you can help me with this and where can I get it or what places do you recommend me to buy it. Eduardo Malpica Mexico

Forum ID #: 437 What engine should I use for my Elite Craft Riviera 5-15-11 Congratulations, do you have any pictures of your Elite Craft and do you have the HIN (Hull Identification Number)?  Did you just get the hull or is this a complete boat minus the motor and transmission?  Eric Smith Orlando, FL

Forum ID #: 438 What engine should I use for my Elite Craft Riviera 5-15-11 This boat was abandoned and the engine was stolen and I am in the restoration process. I have all the chrome parts as you can see in the picture, but it has nothing else. I can not fully understand why the hull is white and does not have the wooden finish. The sample wood work that is going to be on the deck, it is not the actual thick, it is just a sample that actually people on my shop is improving it as I want it as Riva aquariva style. Also in this pictures the paint work was not finished so it looks weird. The last picture is how is going to look when finished. (kind of) Eduardo Malpica Mexico

Forum ID #: 4
39 What engine should I use for my Elite Craft Riviera 5-15-11 What a story and what a find, how did you know it was an Elite Craft by the way?  It is certainly a late 70’s early 80’s Elite Craft Riviera.  Have you been able to find the HIN on any parts of the boat?  I am curious if the wood finish was/is below the gray surface and was painted over due to damage or for some other reason?  There were no Elite Craft’s that left the factory that were not wood grained.  Also is the splash rails wood or fiberglass?  Will E-Mail you the information on the engine and transmission. Eric Smith Orlando, F